The 2017 scientific war tournament

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1. Adventure-Time,

Hey there guys!
Ssoo it'S finally a thing! Badgirl and me would like to organize the very first, unique, compelling and hopefully exciting tournament of scientific war. We've been considering this idea for a couple of months already, because we were not sure whether the game's popularity is big enough and if we're able to gather enough participants, but after several nice matches we've had here we've decided to give it a shot. After all, we think that scientific war is more than perfect choice for a tournament, as one round shouldn't consume a staggering amount of time and the luck factor you need in order to win is minimal. So if you are interested and find this idea nice, don't hesitate and sign in! The official date is fixed to February 4th and 5th , so there is still plenty of room for everyone to practise or even to learn how to play the game. We will provide you with further updates regarding our progress and add some more information if necessary. If you're ready to play and win, let us know either by answering to this topic or messaging us privately. Hope to see you there and have fun.
Best regards,
Badgirl & A-T

2. Mayana,

Alrighty people! I'll be participating in this stuff as well, so if you want a easy win just sign up and you might be paired up with me.
Lets make this amazing everyone! I know SW might not be as popular as uno, but sometimes it's not all about speed, and we have to work out our brains too! And of corse, I'm up for a match even before the tournament if you ever want to train, after all I need to as well. Be patient though, I'm not Adventure, I can actually lose. Good luck everybody!
Hope to see many of you here on 4th February, because it'll be time for ... War!

3. Vojvoda,

Well, I am not that good in this game I have tactic and plan always but I get lazy then give up on everything and play randomly. Don't think that would be a good idea to participate on this tournament, or maybe not? Whatever count me in

4. Mayana,

@Simonovic, it's exelent you joined us! As for the possible strategies and tactics, you still got a little less than a munth to work on that, I'm sure you'll do well. And while randomness is a risky tactic, it's also the hardest to defend against, because your aponent has no idea what the hell you might do. Still wouldn't recommend it however, unless you are a lucky man. :) Good luck, lets hope you win!

5. policeman1,

Please put me in would like try to be the champion of this interesting game!.

6. Mayana,

Finally, the best player in the intire playroom has joined us! Good luck, Policeman1 ... Who am I kidding! You don't need it, champ, you'll beat us all! But if you do lose, just in case, keep in mind that you are not allowed to put us in jail because of it. :)

7. Badgirl,

Nice to see you all here. We wait for a few more :D

8. Oana-tN,

Hi guis. After i played some good matches here, i have decided to sign in. so put me in there! but there is one thing, the hour when it will be. but it's ok, i think i will be able to be there. as i am a beginner, i still have time to practice this game. so it is ok. thanks

9. Mayana,

Hey, @Ona-tn, it's nice you joined us! Don't worry, if you want to practice just ask me when I'm online, I'd love to help you. Good luck!

10. Oana-tN,


11. grobar ,

Hello, i would like to join as well.

12. Mayana,

Look who showed their head from the grave! Thank you for joining, Grobar! If you are even half as good at sw as you are in chess, I'll be afraid to play against you. :)
Oh, and because I'm nice, a free bit of advice for all of you noobies just starting out. If you want to win, then don't lose!

13. Vojvoda,

He good in chess?

14. ConoShikaTo,

i'm joining too! I will practice a lot and i hope i will be good enough for this. :)

15. Mayana,

Hey Razvi, welcome to the team! Don't worry about not being good enough for this, there are no strict guidelines and most of the others are not champions, too. If you ever need anyone to practice with, just invite me if I'm online. This is probably your first tournament on here, so I wish you a lot of luck, and most importantly, have fun! That's what we're here for!

16. Badgirl,

Hello there.
We are happy that people are interested about the tournament. Till now we have 14 members and we were thinking about 16 as a final number, to play nice matches one-one. (2 players at the table). 2 places are still free then. The last day of signing up is 29 of January - sunday. If any of you has to resign of any reason we would be very greatful if you could find somebody who will replace you.

The tournament starts at:

GMT and United Kingdom 19.00 (7 PM)
Central Europe 20.00 (08 PM(.
Eastern time 14.00 (02 pm)
Central and Mexico 13.00 (01 pm)
Eastern Europe and Egypt 21.00 (09 PM)
Iran 22.30 (10.30 pm)

If you have more question just ask one of us.

If there are any people who can be on our spare list, just in case if somebody doesn't aapear on time or resign in last moment, just let us know here on privately.
Hope to see you soon!

Badgirl and Adventure-time

17. MagicalKrrish,

yo yotal, I see you are willing to practice with everybody? Why don't ya practice me, I haven't played this scientific war for ages! I m not evven sure if I m good at this game but lets see.

Regards The magic one.

18. Mayana,

I would be glad to, mister. the magic one. As long as you can handle the fact that I suck. Just send me an invite when you see me around.

19. RadioPierpaolo,

I want to partecipate in the tournament.

20. basket,

Hey Krishy, if she plays as well as she is able to respond to this forum topic, you got no chance!

21. Mayana,

Well, Basket, dogs who bark don't bite. Except when they do, but those are just special. Oh wait, I responded again! Anyway no, everyone can beat me in any game at any time. I'm the worlds worst noob player.

22. Adventure-Time,

Yooo awesome people!!
Thanks you all who signed in the tournamento. We've reached our desired 16 and few minutes ago we've paired you guys up together. In terms of the game only, of course. We're not a dating agency. :D
Here goes the 8 matches which are about to happen this Saturday:

  1. Papierek vs Mayana
  2. Valentine-Hero vs Policeman1
  3. MSafa vs Diana
  4. Fire-Starter vs PierpaoloTieri93
  5. MagicalKrrish vs Nikola-Iovic
  6. Maxxx vs Snowflake
  7. Cristina vs Oana-tN
  8. Razvi vs Rhaegar

Hope you like the result of the draw. Cause we quite do! The starting time is fixed to 7 PM GMT. You can take a look at the full timezone list written in our last post above. Should you have any questions, queeries, complains, feel free to shoot them at us! And make sure to fire your lazers on Saturday!
Good luck from
Badgirl & Adventure-Time

Latest edition by Adventure-Time, Jan 31 2017 23:04:47

23. Vojvoda,

Good luck everybody. and don't get lazy in the middle of a game! HAHA

24. Badgirl,

Cant wait to see who will be a winner lol

25. Dayan ,

Can't wait to lose. :D

26. Nikola-Jovic ,

Good luck to everyone and let's see who will win!

27. Adventure-Time,

Me of course!

28. Vojvoda,

Nah, you have no chance against me

29. Mayana,

Lets wreak havoc on some paper! terible pun that nobody will get. :)

30. YNWA,

As I am not going to catch much of the tournament tomorrow because of football and my play I would like to wish everybody the best of luck and whatever happens I really hope the tournament goes very well. My advice to those taking part is to ensure you turn up on time as it really does make things much easier for the organisers to know who will be there or not, is always the biggest worry for tournament hosts.

Finally to Adventure and bhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhbhadgirhrhrhrhl good luck to both of you too, I know adventure really likes this game so he will be looking forward to the tournament a lot.

good luck all.


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