The 2017 scientific war tournament

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31. Oana-tN,

Hi guis! I hope the tournament will be a great one... and, after the matches, what is going to hapen with those who win? they will be paired again and play one against other?

32. Pavkov,

Winners will be punished

33. Badgirl,

After the first round, there will be another drowing. You are right. If all goes really ok. and quickly, we could continue the same day. Cant wait!

34. RadioPierpaolo,

Fire Starter can you accept my request please? I'm Pierpaolo and I do this tournament.

35. Badgirl,

Hello all.

We are very happy that tournament happened and it was probably the fastest tournament ever. All in one day, not more than 1,5 of hour. That is just a pitty that 3 people of 16 didnt appear, so the organizators and one person more (thank you Ilhan) had to take appart in a game, what wasn't planned before.

The Winner of all event is Adventure-time, big con gratulations.

Semifinal players were:

Thank you all who came, who played and who watched. It was a pleasure to organize that and cooperate with you people. We had any problems to solve.

Many greetings

Badgirl and Adventure-time

36. YNWA,

Congratulations Adventure-time on winning the tournament. I know you really liked this game so I am delighted that it proved to be a huge success.

37. Cristina,

Yooo, congratulation to adventure-time for winning this tournament and for organizing with badgirl such a exciting scientific event, what I've enjoyed a lot.
As badgirl has said, it was the fastest tournament from pr, but a smooth and nice one.
Thanks guys!

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