your favorite audio games?

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31. The-warlord,

No, age has made clear differences, I don't want to talk about that since this might open flame, but I'll leave you to sense them yourselves one day. It's my opinion, and some people's in the end though.

32. Mayana,

Ok, lets write a story. Once apon a time there was a briliant, perfect, funny and interesting game, it's name was ... I don't know, Penguin galaxy. Everyone loved to play that game and said that game was the best thing they've ever played, because it had a lot of replayability value and they couldn't get enough of it!
But then, suddenly! everyone learned that the developer of that game was 14 years old. Did that change anything? No, the game still had the same code, the same sounds and the same perfectness. But god, we can't let those 14 year olds think they're special or something like that! This game is shit, and I wouldn't ever tuch it!
And so they lived happfully ever after and maybe they still live, if they haven't died yet. The end.

33. Pavkov,

Penguin galaxy? alahahahahahahajajahahaha

34. YNWA,

Many developers of computer games are young people. The first ever football manager games were developed by 16-year-olds from the UK after just leaving school. they are now millionaires!

That was a good game, I sold all my players lol and still got a draw.

35. The-warlord,

Oh Tul, this isn't the point we're meaning. We don't say that because those games were made by a 14 years old kid. Philip Bennefall himself was developing games when he was a kid under pb games' name. Were his games shit? No, they're more than perfect as well as their dev, and I play them til now. The problem is in the developer's manner, the way he\she thinks, and this happens -often, not always, often- with kids and teenagers, and that's the point. I don't want to say Sam, Mason, x, y, z, I don't wanna give any spesific details to avoid opening flames as I've stated before. If people and those mentioned devs can accept my and lots of other friends' point of view, then I don't mind posting it specifically.

36. martsales,

oh by the way guys, that game that ya speak of called shaddo line, its real name is shaddo rine! not line!

37. the-thief,

Well, if these games, the ones I mean, being STW or RS or any similar ones, really had a replayability then we may have played them a lot more, but the point is that most if not many of today's blind young devs are not working to bring something new to the community, but rather to earn money, make themselves famous, to say: "Well, I've developped the game X" or everything in that sense, not to bring a new concept to the gaming community. That's the only reason why we're not seeing any really big, mainstream-like audio game, for if all of these young people have worked out together, removing all personal issues from the subject, then we might expect a really big ggame, but, here speaking about online games, unless the dev is responsible, mature, respectable, not seeing himself arrogant for he has created the game, not accusing everyone of cheating with automatic often inaccurate tools, then the games community will be always regressing. It's not age which really matters, it's maturity which too many blind devs are lacking, especially young ones, and that's what I meant by my post, because a 5-year-old mature game dev is for me better than a 70-year-old immature one, but as we're seeing now most of the flame wars are started by this kind of attitude. Just wanted to briefly clarify my point of view before any serious misunderstanding comes out! :)
Edit: Lol! Just did an edit for my post after finding out that the previous post was talking about Shadow Rine, because my comment was not on that game! :D :D :D

Latest edition by the-thief, Jan 28 2017 19:15:50

38. Mayana,

I would say that STW is actually quite a new concept, as far as audio games go of corse. And it's not like older and more mature developers have developed anything more mainstream, either, most games are small things relieced once and then never updated. STW is one of the bigger multi player games out there for us blindies, we should be glad for that at least. Does it have its flaws? Of corse it does. Does the dev have flaws? Again, yes. But who doesn't? All people grow up one day.
But I guess it's not like my opinion matters, I'm just 14 myself as well. Oh and yes, Penguin Galaxy. Someone should make that game now. Preferably over 18. :P

39. The-warlord,

Hi there,
You can download Penguins Galaxy from here:

40. martsales,

what the fucking hell is that game, sorry for bad language!

41. The-warlord,

Lol, ask Mayana.

42. Pavkov,

She wrote a story and that game doesn't exist guys LOL

43. Mayana,

People sure do believe everything. <sarcasm>Of corse the game exists. Penguin galaxy is the best game that has ever been! How could you say it doesn't exist, simon ovca!</sarcasm>

44. grobar ,

He's not the only one though LOL. When i read the post, and also link posted by garuda phoenix, i was trying to get the game. Then after seeing the link doesn't work, i totally went to to see is there any info there LOL. And then, was going even to post hey the link doesn't work, but then read the post once more and figured it was just a joke. Too bad, was thinking i would get a chance to play it.

45. Dayan ,

Maybe Sam must start developing it, or someone older so it will be an actual audiogame. :p and yes, even though he is probably 15 years old now, and stw started existing perhaps when he was 13, I think that doesn't make a difference. I think that game has a lot of potential if he'd even care of it. Moreover, the problem is not always the game, rather the people who play it. Note, I'm not talking about someone in special but you know what I mean. If say, crazy party would be developed by some 15 years old boy, and would have the same concept as now, it would be nice still, wouldn't it?

46. The-warlord,

Again, the problem isn't in 15 years old people generally, it's in spesific ones to be honest.

47. Pavkov,

I think he is talking about things which were posted on audiogames about him and by him. I don't know is it true or not but probably the game is nice, I won't comment developer

48. Dayan ,

Maybe then we must create a topic called favorite developers.

49. The-warlord,

My favourite developer is Maximilian Pegasus, who has made the monsters battle cards. Lol.

50. Mayana,

I'm going to be boring and go with Aprone. I love his games.
Haha, just joking! It's Aminiel! Please don't ban me, of corse Playroom is the best! :) How do others dare to praze anyone else? They'll be banished for that!

Latest edition by Mayana, Jan 29 2017 19:10:04

51. the-alchemist,

Oh by the way guys, another awesome game that i personally really like is called Rastley. You can go to the audiogames forum and search for it there.

52. grobar ,

Ahahaha yes that's definitely awesome.

53. The-warlord,

Oh Rastley, I'll never forget that one.

54. martsales,

so let me get this straight! your saying that sam can't code right, he knows html 5 and bgt! who knows! he could know a lota things! so guys, don't kritisize sam please! oh by the way, my favorite dev of audio games is well, all of em! lol!

55. Empresas_piki,

Well, my favorite audio games ..., well, let's see ...:
The ones that I like most are, beat start pro, beat start plus, redspod, q9, and many more.

56. Carinchen,

i like top speed 3, survive the wild, audiogame hub, the playroom, river riders, rs games and super egg hunt for example

57. sound2,

I guess you ment river raders? That's a good game that. Good sounds.

58. Carinchen,

I mean the game where you have to dive into a river and must collect coins

59. the-supreme-AI,

like i said before i like audiogames and can someone please help me with uerofly?

60. martsales,

do you have the translated version?

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