your favorite audio games?

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61. the-supreme-AI,

yeah i do

62. Carinchen,

who plays crazy party here and can help me with some little problems and questions?

63. Slavista,

Oh, you have mentioned a few good games, river raiders is avesome, Audio game hub either...

64. bloodsharp,

my favourites games are the gate qpr redspot and btb

65. martsales,

screw btb, and love all other games

66. the-supreme-AI,

and can anyone help me with desapheo mortal? is it gone? please contact me viea forum or in pms

67. The-warlord,

The server is down currently.
Edit: from what I've read so far, the game has been proved that it was using a stolen code. So, the devs said that the'll remake the game themselvs, ansd start the coding from the scratch. Until then, the server surely will remain offline.

Latest edition by The-warlord, Mar 6 2017 09:54:04

68. Pavkov,

That is so stupiiid I loved the game so much

69. Oana-tN,

what's that game about.

70. Pavkov,

A life simulator

71. the-supreme-AI,

but will i have to redownload a new build or will i be able to connect viea the build i have now?

72. Pavkov,

I guess you will have to download again

73. the-thief,

I think it's impossible to connect right now, seems like the server is down until further notice.

74. the-supreme-AI,

thanks guys really needed that, gonna uninstall it for now!

75. martsales,

yes, the server is down, what about dm pa server, its down to. Whats going on, is danny making improvements or something

76. The-warlord,

One of my friends (Riad) yesterday has told me that the server has been activated and was running. For me, now it's offline. One of two possibilities: either it's truly offline generally, or I (and anyone that didn't uninstall the game) will have to uninstall it than redownload it again.

77. the-thief,

you just have to uninstall it then download and install the latest version

78. Oana-tN,

A life simulator? It's great! I've alwais searched one. but about what game you said you have to redownload? Is that life simulator stil working, and from where could i download it?

79. Pavkov,

It is still not working when the new version comes i'll send it

80. The-warlord,

It's working and the new version is out from a while. Download it from:

81. Oana-tN,

but i do not understant... the site, the game and the manual are in spanish, i tried to press translate to english on the site but nothing changed, and i do not understand anithing,the game, (and another thing is, cuse of that, ci couldn't figure out how to launch it and make it work) but the instructions,how to play, nothing understandable!

82. Pavkov,

The game is not fully translated to English, that's what I am waiting for

83. Oana-tN,

but the site? the readmee? and how much time do they need to translate a game in english

84. the-supreme-AI,

guys, can you help me with my char on desaphio mortal? it's like this: when i try to connect, it just sits there and does nothing and i can't create an account

85. Oana-tN,

where is the english version

86. the-supreme-AI,

currently down, please inform me if it comes back up!

87. The-warlord,

It's available now. Enjoy!

88. Oana-tN,

where is the english one... not the spanish one... if itis available.

89. The-warlord,

You can choose English from this one and only version which contains all available languages for the game.

90. the-supreme-AI,

for all players: isn't the server a bit too laggy? if you think so please reply yes, if you don't, reply no

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