Girls-boys uno tournament

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91. Mayana,

Hello everyone,
I won't be able to participate in the tournament because of some family issues. I wish you the best of luck and hope you manage to find a replacement.
Have a nice day, Mayana.

92. Badgirl,

I am back and here all the time, contact me if needed

Latest edition by Badgirl, Feb 25 2017 18:57:25

93. Carinchen,

good luck for all players

94. Badgirl,

I want to annonce that guys definitelly won. the official score is 14-3, but all tournament was rather parody of tournament. Half of players didn't appear, some of them came a few hours later. In the result the brave 4 girls were playing 2 or 3 matches with fresh and competitive guys. I want to thank especially to Mayana, Cristina, Ceyda and Oanatm who helped me a lot. Thank to you girls the tournament took place at all. I want also to thank all participants for supporting me, thank you also Genti for helping me with hosting. I am totaly aware that all that was a big mess and a lot of not clear things and waiting and I am sorry for that. I never had anything what would be sucking that far lol. So I appreciate all nice words and help you gave me during this event guys. About tournament I rather would like to forget but I will remember this nice social experience. 99% of you were fully understanding and cooperative and just did all to let it happen. I still believe the idea was good. I feel just a big pitty that the female part wasn't more united and we started with 18 guys and 5 girls counting me, but I couldn't play for a long time trying to control all that chaos. Well, well. No organizing anymore. That was much worse than I expected, mainly because of the fact that so many people didn't appear at the beggining and I had to spontanously try to match people in hurry and make them playing eeeh. Anyway, as I said it was nice to see friends arround and people who were there surprised me positively and it is something what I want to stay after all with.

95. the-raven,

nice win :-) and nice going with the tournament

96. dalibor,

Oh Yes 99 percents people was cooperative oh yes how no, cooperative for you what is that? I wayt 2 hours you tell me go on table to adventure time adventure time tell me go on table to genti genti tell me go on table to bad girl that is wil was cooperative thanks for nice cooperative and will i not pay anny more cooperative tournaments. You fhirst must to know to organize tournament and after that to invited people. I wayt one player fhirst you tell me marina 7 after that estrela vega after that you tell me choose a lone. I tell hirst you bad girl after that i tel ceyda i will play with a lone good bye im champion of uno and i not must to toler this

97. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, it was a nice tournament, yes it had some issues but at the end it worked out. Glad i had fun matches, and hope to see you all in a future tournament.

98. YNWA,

I want to thank you Badgirl and everybody that helped out in the Uno tournament as I know that it requires a lot of hard work and worry. One of the difficulties with hosting these type of tournaments is trying to get the numbers to match. Personally I would have got a couple of the lads to put on a skirt for a couple of hours to make the numbers more even. Badgirl was reluctant to do that and that's why she asked the lady to be lady like and ensure the guys got games against a lady as the tournament suggested. Now it's up to the gents to behave like gentlemen!

It's very frustrating when people don't turn up to tournaments as my fellow hosts will testify and it throws everything out of sinc. The best layed plans and all that just go out of the window. You try your best to beg borrow and steel whoever you can pressgang into becoming part of the tournament. Badgirl had a total of 15 games and most know the guy's side would always be oversubscribed and if badgirl made it 8 v 8 and left replacements then I am sure you would have been disappointed had you missed out.

Badgirl and Adventure have experience in hosting previous tournaments AND I know they went very well and enjoyed by many of you. I just urge people to let people know as soon as possible if thay aren't able to make it so they can try to find a replacement. Also we have to find ways that make it easier to contact people to ensure they know when to turn up. The one idea I had was to create a specialist Skype id for a tournament so people could be contacted more easily. I agree not everybody would want to do that but it is an option for those that would be willing to do it.

99. Vojvoda,

Hello, I have to come here and give some critic :D
It was an awesome idea to create this tournament sounded very fun to me and it would be, if all players would show up! I won't say that organization of the tournament was bad, at first I really was like what a bad organization but I thought better and said why is this organizator's fault if players did not show up!
We finished this thing somehow but using 4 girls to play against 15 boys is definitely no fun. I really felt like an organizator because I needed to tell to Serbian people who don't speak english which table to join, to wait and etc.
I hope you will try making this tournament one more time but with a bit more backup players. I got an idea about a similar system of a tournament but I am not going to organize now but if I see that people are interested very much and that they did not get enough of Uno then maybe yes.
PS this was my opinion of the tourney if someone has different I am respecting.
Best regards

100. Mayana,

I would just like to say this. People! If you do not plan to participate, don't sign up! Yes, I know stuff happens and you can't know, I actually thought I was going to not be able to participate till the last moment, but in that case at least tell the organisators. Don't just leave and never come back.
The tournament itself was ... ok. I had stupid internet problems and was pritty pissed off and tired at the end. For everyone that I insulted, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. Organisation was a bit confusing too, I was ment to be at Genty's table first, then Adventure, then suddenly vojvoda, so on and so on. It's understandable though, if people don't show up not much can be done.

101. Cristina,

Thank you badgirl for this tournament what I've enjoyed a lot.
It was fun for me even if I've played without knowing much about the rules.
I am glad cuz I've won two games, one against Basti, the other against Kizo1, what I really could have not imagined that I will do.
I agree with Mayana, and I think that we should not count those persons in the future tournaments about who we know that they often did not turn up to play even if they signed up.
Unfortunately many people just sign up without reading what the organizers say about the tournament, then they do not turn up to play. This is absolutely rude and it would be better if we will be more careful in the future when we add the people to those tournaments what we organize.
Kind regards, Cristina!

102. YNWA,

We have it in our rules that if people keep missing tournaments that we have the right to exclude them from future tournaments. Remember this tournament was a genda spacific tournament so if there was only 4 girls that turned up then some of the lads had to be a honourery girl for the evening. I don't know how many vollenteered to do that. I do have to praise the girls though for making a remarkable effort when there was only 4 of them. If people don't keep turning up to tournaments then the only thing that hosts can do is make the tournament much smaller. Instead of of only 32 playing at present it goes down to 24 or even 16 and you keep more on the standby list. If that means that more people become disappointed because everybody suddenly turns up for once then tough luck! The only other option would be to only put the registration of the tournament on the forum with 10 or even 7 days to go so people would be more likely to know if they can take part. Having said that I know Badgirl sent me a message reminding me of the tournament with not long to go so on her part she made every effort to get people to turn up.

Latest edition by YNWA, Feb 26 2017 12:25:03

103. Badgirl,

Guys. Thank you for all nice words, and for critic also. Any critic can offend me or touch me as I admited at the beggining of the end that the thing failed and my organization was bad. Dalibor I understand your point of view but you can not say that first I have to learn how to organize tournaments and then invite people, cause there is no school which has a course how to organize uno tournaments in playroom. I can learn only on my mistakes and looking at the behaviour of participants. But no worries. I won't organize anything like this anymore. I can still create some ideas though if somebody wants to learn a bit how to organize tournaments hehe. For me the thing is closed. As I said before it was an important social experiment for me and I am happy about the results of it. Love you all :P BG

104. Oana-tN,

I enjoyed this tournament, realy. butt let's say, if people signed up and don't come, well, think about that. organisators are making some plans, about matches, tables, etc. but if people just don't come, well, you have to do something. the tournament took place and it was very nice, but if people didn't have parteners, the organisators have to do something. they're searching for some ideeas, until they find one. some can be worse, some can be better. the good thing is, the tournament took place, and i think that the most of those who participated had fun. And, a suggestion, why not, at a beginning of a tournament, each player has to choose a... reserve, let'ssay, and in the case if he or she can't come, the reserve to replace him, this can reduce the number of absences. well, i know the reserve will play, or wil not play, it depends. but it is more safe that way. just my suggestion, anywais, nice tournament. :d

105. YNWA,

I don't think that wil work. For Cribbage we had something like 8 replacements and still needed to ask about another 6 people on the spot if they would play in the tournament. Owner-tn would you be willing to come in the playroom to play in a tournament if you had to wait for 10 different people not to turn up so you could get 1 or 2 games? I wouldn't and I don't think many would. Although it is good that people are trying to think of new ways to encourage people to turn up. I will add that people do have genuine reasons why they didn't turn up and perhaps badgirl will find them out later. This was a spacific event where it was male v female so that narrows down who badgirl can choose from. For the purpose of this tournament some of the lads should have gone to a free table and got a sex change for a couple of hours. Perhaps if The helpers had unbanned Abdulrahman for a couple of hours it would have been possible! Being serious for a minute I think badgirl did her best with the tools available.

106. Cristina,

Maybe it would be the best if we simply give the match to the opponent player or team of who is absent and over.
It's very hard and tiring to run always and catch someone, who would want to replace those who did not turn up to play.

107. YNWA,

That's what we state when we start writing up our plans for the tournament. Having said that you know what it's like you do your best to include as many ggames to as many people as possible and ensuring as many games can take place as possible. It basically means you are dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. You can't prove it but I am guessing because we have always done our best to find people. Perhaps some have become complacent and take it for granted that we will find someone else if they don't turn up. I guess the only way they would learn is the hard way and that is if they are excluded from tournaments they are desperate to participate in.

108. MagicalKrrish,

Hey BG don't be down hearted and move away from organising tournaments, we all know its very hard to deal with absentisms here during a tournament. I didn't see any problems with the replacements which you found or atleast giving those girls to play again to make up the number. It wasn't bad idea at all. It was boys v girls tournament and that wasn't wrong. Here giving the points to the aponents wouldn't have worked because that would have difit the purpose because many boys were present. But in normal uno tournament that rule just worked fine in my other tournaments when I implemented it. But overall i enjoyed this idea of boys v girls tournament and thank-you for your time to organise this.

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