the little exam turnament

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1. Carinchen,

Hi, is anyone intrested in a little exam turnament?

2. MissJP,

yeah, I really am, the little exam is my favorite game on here! and I'am all in for it.

3. Maldalain,

Yeah please me, I am taking part.

4. Mayana,

I would love to participate, even if I am bad at this game. Count me in!

5. Badgirl,

I also would be interested.

6. Everyone,

Could be fun! i'd be interested too.

7. Vojvoda,

I'd be interested maybe but how did you think to make this. Would we play one on one or what

8. Carinchen,

My idea is that we play till a limit and then we do a ranking. It depends on how many players are intrested. one by one is a possibility too. It would be great if anyone of you would support me with organizing that.

9. Oana-tN,

Great ideea! Count me in! Well, i don't think i am that good at that game, but i like it so here i am!

10. Maldalain,

What about misspelling words?

11. YNWA,

I wouldn't bother about errors unless the judge has no idea of what you say. This way you will encourage more participants.

12. MagicalKrrish,

sure, why not, as long as the details can be put up and I don't think so to make the judge's to change to mark the points for each round, it will be fare if we have a nutral judge for all the rounds, there a option to do that and the good thing is that person can even be on a spectator mode.

Regards Krrish

13. Maldalain,

Yeah a judge who is not actually a player would be good.

14. Mayana,

If we are doing this, we have to put some rules in, I think.

  1. Which languages can be used? I'd say that for most words, we accept only English. The question arises with some places, names, TV shows, etc. With those the judge would have to just trust that the player isn't lying if they don't find anything on Google.
  2. Typos. Yes, sometimes they happen, and unless it's really not understandable, they should be ignored. But if one person writes grass and one writes gras, that's also a sneaky way to get 2 points instead of one. In that case, I think boath people should get just one point.
  3. There's no doubt there will be many people who won't come at all. What will be done in that case? Will one person just have to play more rounds? Will there be a few people online for replacements only?
  4. I bet I forgot something, but this post is long already. Good luck in the tournament, I can't wait to participate!

15. Maldalain,

Maybe also we need to start with beginner or intermediate then for the finals with advanced

16. YNWA,

The rules say the answer has to be in English however, Leo Tolstoy for example can be an author beginning with T and even though he is Russian would be perfectly acceptable as an answer as you would find his books in British Library's and American ones too. This game can be a hard one to judge because if I said a vegetable beginning with V you will struggle to find one. If I suggested a Victorian plum witch is a variety of plum would that count? That's where an individual judge for the whole tournament is good because they would be consistant in their selections.

You have said what if there is an answer that the judge is unsure of. When I was judge in the past I have given 1 point for answers I'm not sure of because you can't give someone 0 points as it may be right but you can't give 2 because it may be wrong.

17. Carinchen,

that are good ideas. I would have a look of the languages of all players. If there are 2 languages most of us speak, i would say words in 2 languages are possible.

18. MagicalKrrish,

I don't see problem with the answers, as long as they are valid! For example, some people may prefer to give answers relating to their countries and it maybe true. The issues will be to give one judge to judge eacl the round because he or she should know what is valid. This way it will be all fare and square. We will be sure if friends fall in one game then for sure they will try to help each other.


19. YNWA,

Some questions will be like that Krrish, for example if you were to name a particular city. If it was in Fiji then the judge would have to allow it. Lets say it was a fruit for example and you used the name for it in your own language then it couldn't be given as a valid answer as the answers are supposed to be in English. The rules already say that.

Going back to another post I would suggest that one level should be used for the whole tournament. It is up to the host but I would suggest levels 1 or 2.

20. Everyone,

I wouldn't mind 3 levels, where the top half of each level would go on to the more difficult one.

21. Maldalain,

Also, I think timing for giving answers should be gradually decreased with players advancing with the tournament, this is to reduce the possibility that the players googles for the answers or perhaps asks Siri.

22. YNWA,

What about they can only ask Seri if Seri is prepared to type in the answers for them? Some one ask her and let us know her response, lol

23. Maldalain,

Well it is only about making things more just for all players.

24. YNWA,

I agree and you make some very valid points. It depends on what the host wants for the tournament. This is a fun game even if I haven't played for ages. A couple of years ago if not longer now I played with a couple of American ladies and they would ask me to play near almost midnight and set the winning score to 100 points, lol. I will say once one of their answers was x-rated so keep that in mind too, lol!

25. Carinchen,

good ideas i would suggest myself as a judge, cause i love to use german words too. And i am fair enough i think. But there must be a co-judge. If me (or another judge) can't work for some rounds or is ill, there must be another one who does this job.

26. Mayana,

When the question asks for something that doesn't change, no matter the language (city, country, person, TV) then I agree that it would be unfair to limit us to only the English options, because I have no clew about English TV series, for example.
But when the question asks for a word (vegetable, body part, animal), then if I don't remember a body part on r in English, I can't say roka. Even if the judge might speak German, those questions should only be limited to English, else some of the players will have an unfair advantage.

27. YNWA,

I am sure you have heard of Superman for example as it is a bot here so there is a series beginning with S. There is no reason people can't use google before the tournament to find out some of the answers and learn some. It can help you in the tournament. It is up the organisers to set out the criteria that they require but all suggestions are good. WWhoever you play against I am sure will put in good answers so why not try to remember them.

28. Slavista,

Interesting idea of making tournament of this awesome game... Just would be good to know a date when it happens to tell, if i am able to participate or no...

Also agree with Mayana about these categories, where you don't need to use english words like Cities, wrytters or historical persons. They shouldn't be limited just for english/american ones.

29. YNWA,

For tv I think it should be limited as it is difficult to judge. It would not be easy to Google a tv show say in Estonia or Iraq for example. For cities, lakes, and historical people I agree because it is possible that people know of them. For example people are likely to know someone such as napoleon even if they arn't french. If someone names a city in Slovakia or Greece for example then that answer is easier to find if others don't know about them. I think it is much nicer to learn about new places and people. Even if you didn't know of them before there is no reason you can't remember them and use them in a future game.

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30. Fawaz,

my suggestion is to stop taking suggestions and post the final format to the participants.
as well in that post you can write all the rules you see are apropiate.
Best wishes!

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