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1. play_romania1,

Hi. I need some help here. I has disabled the start menu of the survive the wild. What I must to do?

2. Wiam,

what you mean of disabled start menu for stw?

3. play_romania1,

In setings, is disable menu, or disable the start menu. I'm not sure.
I has uninstalled and installed back and same.

4. Wiam,

try to use left and right arrow to navigate between the menu

5. AmineTrichine,

stw has a start menu now, Does it have cortana too? Cause hmm.

6. Nikola,

You can press the shut down button as well lol.

7. Wiam,

NO, it have siri

8. StormProductions,

Siri: Hey Siri, give me some teleporters.
Siri's reply: Ask Sam.

9. play_romania1,

Sound nice, :D.

10. Wiam,


11. Minionslayer,

Me: "Hey SIRI! Give me 1000000 teleporters."
SIRI: "I'm sorry, but I don't know how to help you with that."
And regarding STW Start Menu, there should be a list of all of Sam's games.

12. StormProductions,


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