I need some help

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1. play_romania1,

Hi. I need some help here. I has disabled the start menu of the survive the wild. What I must to do?

2. shikspeer.wiam-s,

what you mean of disabled start menu for stw?

3. play_romania1,

In setings, is disable menu, or disable the start menu. I'm not sure.
I has uninstalled and installed back and same.

4. shikspeer.wiam-s,

try to use left and right arrow to navigate between the menu

5. AmineTrichine,

stw has a start menu now, Does it have cortana too? Cause hmm.

6. Nikola,

You can press the shut down button as well lol.

7. shikspeer.wiam-s,

NO, it have siri

8. StormProductions,

Siri: Hey Siri, give me some teleporters.
Siri's reply: Ask Sam.

9. play_romania1,

Sound nice, :D.

10. shikspeer.wiam-s,


11. Minionslayer,

Me: "Hey SIRI! Give me 1000000 teleporters."
SIRI: "I'm sorry, but I don't know how to help you with that."
And regarding STW Start Menu, there should be a list of all of Sam's games.

12. StormProductions,


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