Quentin C playroom VS RS Games

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31. sound2,

Sometimes the typing sound isn't always a guarantee. What I mean is sometimes people press the f2 key, then decide not to type anything. It also might happen by accident. This was on rs games. I've also been in a game, and the person wanted to type something but couldn't. Their computer froze or whatever they were using. So they were pressing the f2 key over and over and over. It got spammy. That's been my experience.

32. Nikola,

This is also true. Not to mention that on RS, when you type it opens up a completely new dialog for chats. In here, that's not the case so it can be spammed even more.

33. Saniel_Morse,

In this topic my support goes of course to Playroom; and no, (don't you think I'm a fanboy because I'm not) simply the games require you to think more about strategies and they're not completely based on randomness. Those who have played the latest games from RS will get the pic of what I mean.
Another reason is that the server rarely gets laggy in spite of the small amount of donations so it allows a faster gameplay in general.
Also Playroom is multilingual, at least we have more than english in here; in RS, I don't want arm anyone but when I contacted them for helping to translate everything to my language free of charge I even didn't get one of those automated responses; no sirrr.
And last but not least, I think that the "who is typing feature" is ok because the overall sound is cool, but in such big platform like in here where free tables can be made up to 10 players, it of course gets kind of annoying.
Regarding ads... possibly a good idea might be adding a boofer made for them, I don't know.

34. Nikola,

RS wont get translated. It was not coded like that and it would require a complete rewrite for that to happen. About ads, well Aminiel finds them annoying although in the case of PR I wouldn't mind them as he unlike RS deserves to get some money for what he does. It's still questionable though how much people will submit ads and how harder that would be on here since it's multilingual.

35. YNWA,

It is possible for the PR to have a sponsor on the playroom webpage. In terms of the PR there as you said could be language issues Nikola!

36. Saniel_Morse,

We could get some sponsors in different languages, and also users can contrivute as well. Some of us who want to promote their work could gain some popularity and PR more money. Particularly I've never found ads annoying since you can mute them and as I said you can add a woofer for them so that the interested people can read them at their own.
But well...
Getting back to the subject probably both platforms could commplement one the other, I guess...

37. Nikola,

The only problem with ads is in games like uno. You don't want to hear them in such cases. I guess they could be a main room thing but even that's not a solution just like adding a buffer isn't. That way, people just disable them and the point of ads being there isn't just to be disabled.

38. helleon,

I personally wouldn't mind a couple of adds on Playroom, especially if it means that the admins make a few pound and features can be implimented quicker. I'm sticking to my guns on the voice chat feature on RS, I think it's excellent. Sure it makes the server lag a little at times, but it doesn't make the platform unusable. I also like the fact that on RS, most players seem to respect that it's an English server they're playing on and therefore try their best to speak the language

39. Nikola,

That's simply due to the fact RS has mostly English players and is in no way a multilingual community like PR. Voice chat as good as it is, i've not saw that much people using it.

40. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Despite the fact that RS opens a new window when typing, you still can't send messages for example in Arabic, even if you switch the language and I am not sure why.

41. Nikola,

Because it is not UTF 8 like playroom.

42. Mistressbella666,

Well I don't know about y'all, but in my experience RS games crashes a lot at least the regular client. In conclusion, I strongly believe that playroom is better than RS games.

43. Jeff-Rutkowski,

RS has a lot going for it as far as Cards Against Humanity, and Threes.
Uno at least beeps when you can play a valid card and they don't have all these rules about interceptions/super-interceptions and crap like that.
I do prefer the monopoly game on here though because you can get a lot more information without having to go through tons of menus and having sounds play when you browse through them. Houses are a lot easier to buy and sell, plus, you can manage your stuff and even see what the other players have if you feel like trading with any of them.
Quentin is at least willing to sometimes fix bugs on here while the staff of RS slacks off, not having fixed bugs from years previous.
Finally, you can reconnect to a game if you accidentally leave the table. That's something this client doesn't have.

Latest edition by Jeff-Rutkowski, Dec 4 2017 22:46:51

44. Nikola,

Hm, well we have uno here and I don't find threes really that exciting. I can see with cards against humanity though as that one can be expanded and it is being.

45. Mistressbella666,

Why don't they just combine both clients into one thing since both of them have a lot of similarities. That just makes sense. It seems to me that playroom is more popular than RS games in any case.

46. Kotoamatsukami,

No thanks, playroom is perfectly fine. RS games has almost nothing better than Playroom, if you want me to be honest, RS games with all those long descriptions and comments seems like a game for people with very low IQ. Aminiel simply knows how to make interface and everything what could make you to navigate as fast as possible.

47. Saniel_Morse,

Certainly that beeping sound at some circumstances is good for beginners, but it gets annoying for more experienced players, at least it allows a furter decision on what to play or leave in.
I don't want to criticize their 99 game variant but... I shouldn't be the only one who dislikes it... am I?

48. Nikola,

I was trying to understand the point of their 99 card except that you can lose the round without even having a chance to play.

49. Muhammad_Hajjar,

RS Games is almost a bit more complicated than playroom. Simplicity is what distinguishes playroom actually.

50. Nikola,

That's not true. In RS, you have just one menu and everything is menu based, also it is very verbose which makes it very simple. This does not mean PR is complicated, but in PR you have lots of hotkeys and you get better and better at it the more you use it.

51. sound2,

Those sounds don't annoy me at all. I find it useful. I don't play uno on here, since I don't see the point of interceptions and being in a hurry all the time. I also can't see what IQ has to do with anything. Rs isn't inferior it's just a different programme like the playroom. They both are unique and have something to offer.

52. Nikola,

Those sounds are good only when you don't know how to play the games, but in that case you should properly learn them rather than depending on a sound to tell you what you can play.

53. sound2,

True but it's stil useful especially for a marker. Just my opinion. The sounds that is.

54. Saniel_Morse,

I don't like sounds on that because in that game they make you look stupid when telling you "Hey, this is playable" or "don't play this"; but I don't want anyone to get drowned into a water glass, then I assume it depens on each one.
Changing of subject, one thing I like of PR is that it can be used as streaming player; I mean for that it exists MPCHC or other softwares, but sometimes it's confortable to create a free table just for that. :D

55. Ferrumite,

I sometimes like it because then it makes gameplay faster because you don't need to check the up card every second. Though I agree that it gets annoying after time.

56. Nikola,

LOL. The fact you don't check the cards just means you play a card at random.

57. Ishamael ,

good the sounds of RSGames

58. Mistressbella666,

The help system on RS games sucks in my opinion. I've tried to contact them about issues and they never got back to me. But the staff on playroom will get back to you in a timely manner which is a good quality for playroom.

59. the-supreme-AI,

just saying, i personally agree with rs, not saying i don't hate playroom, but, still, at least rs has stuff you can stream iwhtout leaving the game, while playroom, well, you've gotta type in a link

60. Nikola,

Um well if the post made any sense. Stream without leaving the game? In any case, RS just got 2 new games. The first one is an apsolute joke, roulet and i don't know how can people call it an online game. The second one is go fish which can be a bit more interesting.

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