Playroom and forum rules, please read before doing anything

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1. Aminiel,

Hello everybody,

In order to have a good ambience in the playroom and in the forum, please conform to the following rules :

  • No spam or advertisements
  • No pornography
  • No politics or religion
  • No computer piracy
  • No incitation to violence, racism, etc.
  • No attack or threats against a person or a group
  • Please respect other people, especially moderators and administrators
  • Be fair-play, and don't volontarily use bugs to cheat, or worse, attend to server working or other clients
  • Scripting and other means to modify client or game behavior in any form and for any purpose, are strictly forbidden
  • Please speak in english with as reasonnable spelling, so that everybody can understand what you say. Don't speak in SMS, 1337 or other pseudo-language.
  • In public places, one speak the language corresponding to the part where one is located: one speak french in french parts, in english in english parts, etc. Public free tables and forums are public places.
  • In private spaces, foreign languages are allowed if everybody speak the chosen language. Private messages and free tables that have explicitely set to be private are private places. It is forbidden to speak another language, whatever it is, in a free table not set to be private.

Everyone is fully responseable of what he does in the playroom and the forum. In case of problems, punishments can go from simple temporarily or definitive ban to much more if necessary. Don't forget that there are also people under 18, please act accordingly and be careful when being with people you don't know. Finally, remember that internet shouldn't be a shield: don't do online what you wont do in real life and don't believe that you are completely anonymous.

Please additionnaly note that rules written in french have always priority against these here. Allthough these are allmost copy-pasted and translated from french, IN case of doubt, always refer to french version.

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2. keyWasFull,

but if we don't speak french, we don't know what those higher-up rules are.

3. Aminiel,

*but if we don't speak french, we don't know what those higher-up rules are.*

Don't worry, it's allmost a translated copy-paste. I added that to prevent from errors I may have made myself. That's in case of doubt.

4. fatih ,

thanks for the rules.

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