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Updates and work in progress

Aminiel 40 Aminiel,

A strange thing that happened me in Poker

Saniel_Morse 0 Saniel_Morse,

New alternative to Tapin radio

Giovani 4 Maldalain,

Suggestion for tables menu

Nikola 8 Stevan,

Life, what's the point

Cocoa-NTVG 9 Cristina,

Searching programmers and editors

creatrix 5 Cocoa-NTVG,

New Playroom windows client available: 2.2.8 RC

Aminiel 25 Minionslayer,

Arabic language support in playroom

qais.Alrefai 78 Nikola,

French Tarot. Join or be a frog in a pan.

Sevrior 13 policeman1,

French tarot rules.

Sevrior 0 Sevrior,

A suggestion for french tarot

Cristina 0 Cristina,

Season 2, Uno league.

MagicalKrrish 31 TrixaBella6666,

your favorite audio games?

martsales 108 bigbeast,

The matches for semi-final of jass tournament

Cristina 8 Nikola,

new categories in quiz party?

TheOracle 16 YNWA,

Jass tournament results

Cristina 2 Angelina-princess,

next weekends turniment

musiclover 2 musiclover,

ican"t login the play room

merverella 10 Saniel_Morse,

a sugestion to the admins.

sanagui_dj 5 sanagui_dj,


Sevrior 7 balasana,

blocking people without a reason

cork 28 YNWA,

This playroom is the best

patrickforb 1 patrickforb,

Bug while sending history reports (web client)

Saniel_Morse 2 Saniel_Morse,

A bug with the Quiz Party's question submitter names

Cocoa-NTVG 2 helleon,

New bots

Stevan 26 Nikola,

suggestion for the little exam

TheOracle 1 Nikola,

Problem with busy and available (probably has to be with spectator mode)

Dayan 3 Nikola,

jass tournament draw

Cristina 9 Cristina,

the special chat commands on the free table

danielmusic 8 Giovani,

Suggestion for quiz party

Nikola 3 Fawaz,

A bug in Monopoly

Cocoa-NTVG 5 Cocoa-NTVG,

i want Desafio Mortal

The-son-of-Mesopotamia 2 mohammedradwan9564,

Team Uno

shawnmays 3 shawnmays,

Error 7007 in bouillabaisse with bots

Nikola 0 Nikola,

The Webclient of The QuentinC's Playroom lags when typing quickly

Gilgamesh 7 AmineTrichine,

Belote tournament

Nikola 28 musiclover,

A request for jass

Cristina 2 Cristina,

(Solved) An interesting bug in backgammon

Nikola 1 Aminiel,

bogue in 1000 miles

mohammedradwan9564 1 Failboy,

What is your favourite culture?

Giovani 9 fire-starter,

(Solved) Bug in jass

Nikola 1 Aminiel,

a bug in Monopoly

markusni 0 markusni,

A bug in uno

Nikola 0 Nikola,

Monopoly announcement of figure amount

shawnmays 3 Nikola,

A bug about questions in the Quiz party

Failboy 1 Nikola,


TheOracle 1 Nikola,

Banning without a fair reason.

Failboy 7 Failboy,

Favorite tea!

everyone 21 Sevrior,

Spades: bonus with 6 players

RedHawk 1 Stevan,

suggestion regarding stats for games

tyson 2 Stevan,

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