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Translation errors

Nikola 44 Aminiel,

Updates and work in progress

Aminiel 48 Aminiel,

bgt scripts

Alan1003 19 Sajad-Aliraqi,

bk3 translater bug

Alan1003 28 Alan1003,



new 1000 miles tornament to get entertain in the carentine! date to be determined

omar-el-calamar 42 marmarmar,

Sable release date

Pran 29 marmarmar,

Ducks Race Tournament

Pran 20 supremekiller,

1000 miles tornament

sodanisavit01 0 sodanisavit01,

scroaling battels, you're world

Alan1003 2 MuhammadHajjar,

spectator flag

alkelios 2 darth_sidious,

jgt nvda addon drive link

Alan1003 2 Alan1003,

Help changing Windows language (Windows 10 2004)

El_bebecito_De_Tati 1 Ramon-Salazar,

Possible error in the game Zanzibar.

facelessghost 0 facelessghost,

Asking everyone who plays manamon2

DarkLordsSheWolf 1 marmarmar,

looking for a game called alternate magic

augma 3 Alan1003,

Playroom mobile app

WAR-and-electronics 15 Pran,

A ping-pong game for the computer.

facelessghost 3 facelessghost,

Audio streams

Mohammedradwan2003 0 Mohammedradwan2003,

the swamp, audio game does not work.

Alan1003 2 Alan1003,

What Are Some of Your Favourite Accessible Game Characters?

Time_traveller555 23 MuhammadHajjar,

Creating a direct Teamtalk URL

supanut2000 10 supremekiller,

Upcoming spades tournament

berniesanderslover 12 berniesanderslover,

suggesting a way that chess bots could be implemented

Rory101 3 Moriarty,

Are there two passwords for Quentin

Moriarty 2 Moriarty,

Undead assault

Pran 16 Alan1003,

a wierd and hilarious bug

godfather 2 Nikola,

Duck racing!

Aminiel 92 Lemonade,

6takes Tournament (final results and recap): First post saturday, second post Sunday

Rincewind 8 Rincewind,

How to find various times in various time zones?

Giovani 5 tiny,

upcoming uno tournament

SummerSun704 9 unolover,

LockDown special Uno tournament results and congratulations to the winner, Lemonade.

MagicalKrrish 7 sir-yazan,

hey, help me play manamon (not 2)

Alan1003 4 Alan1003,

why is this happening on my manamon 2!

Alan1003 10 Alan1003,

gems on crazy party

QueenTammyTheFirst 26 facelessghost,

about translations to other languages

targutay 11 Pragma,

A new option in uno.

marmarmar 2 marmarmar,

Original attitude to multi player audio games

majoz 9 Alan1003,

LockDown Special uno tournament groups and format

MagicalKrrish 5 omar-el-calamar,

Proton mail and Proton mail bridge

Giovani 4 Alan1003,

Info request for tournaments

WAR-and-electronics 7 marmarmar,

Lock down Special Uno tournament

MagicalKrrish 36 Fawaz,

Spades tournament

TheRainmaker 21 sunny,

Braille Output on Platform

Maldalain 8 Alan1003,

Reversi: A button missing on the web client

Nikola 0 Nikola,

Groups, format and rules for the upcoming 6takes tournament

Raki 1 unolover,

Did you make that bot cry?

Sajad-Aliraqi 5 Jeff-Rutkowski,

Meh, boared, so, who wants to play stw?

Alan1003 2 Alan1003,

Dare you post what's in your clipboard now?

MuhammadHajjar 164 marina7,

May I register?

BachEnthusiast 2 Rincewind,

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