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Issue when trying to stream audio in the web client in Safari on a Mac and also with resynchronization

HappyCatFace 3 jonnyboy1991,

monopoly tornament

Abhishek 0 Abhishek,

Who wants to fight me on bloodbath?

Alan1003 0 Alan1003,

Resources for Learning Spanish

Maldalain 12 Onisama,

happy ramadan

Mohammedradwan2003 1 kempfious,

results poker tournament

andkuk 0 andkuk,

poker tournament

andkuk 3 RadioPierpaolo,

dream land

wolfi 2 Alan1003,

Belote Bug

RedHawk 1 Nikola,

A bug while playing in the latest version of edge an narrator

Dmitriy 10 Alan1003,

New Hearts tournament

Nikola 12 policeman1,

new board for ducks race

Rory101 5 whozitken,

Question about Thar deserd in Quiz party

Giovani 1 YNWA,

playroom translation request

ilyas 2 darth_sidious,

really cool game

whozitken 1 darth_sidious,

Reversi World Cup

Pran 1 godfather,

Important updates regarding the English helpers team

marina7 0 marina7,

Interesting bug with the latest update in Chess

Nikola 8 Nikola,

Some suggestions for backgammon

Master-Chief 8 Cristina ,

Rules for the game The eternal second.

facelessghost 3 facelessghost,

going to have a go at hosting an uno tournament

Rory101 5 Rory101,

I'll start a coffee room of my own.

CathyAnne 28 Ramon-Salazar,

about the duck's race

SametAlim 5 Rory101,

How can this be a peaceful community...

StormProductions 40 ilyas,

Expansion of social features

Gushasad 7 Fawaz,



no statistics for ducks race

Rory101 0 Rory101,

about the duck's race

SametAlim 6 SametAlim,

have fun inviting your friend who is with you

Mohammedradwan2003 1 godfather,

Final Jass tournament results, congratulations to Ynwa and Miralina

Nikola 1 YNWA,

Could be the longest game on PR

Maldalain 4 Alan1003,

Coronavirus activity and cases. For discussion

Sajad-Aliraqi 35 Alan1003,

Strange bug related to an uno table

Cristina 4 Nikola,

A little bug in duck race.

Gatita_feliz 0 Gatita_feliz,

new game

Alirezas 0 Alirezas,

What is this 'duck's race'

supanut2000 4 Nikola,

funny a bug

SametAlim 4 Nikola,

Jass team tournament draw

Nikola 0 Nikola,

A bug in Uno with direct play

Nikola 4 Nikola,

Reversi bot freeze bug.

ajackpot 1 Aminiel,

Jass, a bug while choosing a trump suit

Nikola 5 YNWA,

Jass team tournament

Nikola 8 Nikola,

manaman2 trade/battle

wolfi 17 Onisama,

Question about streaming

Mich240 7 Mich240,

Cribbage Bugs in the Mobile Client

RosieKitty 0 RosieKitty,

question to the administrator

Kristen_Star 20 Nikola,

Spades League 2020

TheRainmaker 6 TheRainmaker,

Is There a Possibility This Can Be Addressed?

Time_traveller555 0 Time_traveller555,

Scopa Escoba: Let's get it on

TheRainmaker 16 TheRainmaker,

Latino and jazz music. recommendations

george 1 Adventure-Time,

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