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Translation errors

Nikola 36 Robertt,

Updates and work in progress

Aminiel 48 Aminiel,

Lock down Special Uno tournament

MagicalKrrish 14 ridho,

Dare you post what's in your clipboard now?

MuhammadHajjar 158 Alan1003,

upcoming uno tournament

SummerSun704 3 unolover,

a sound for kick from tables

The-Chaos 33 facelessghost,

Third 6 Takes Tournament

Rincewind 18 reklaw,

new 1000 miles tornament to get entertain in the quarentine! this will be occurring on sunday, may 31st, at 4 pm, United states time.

Palitroque65 15 Palitroque65,

darkened chain

augma 2 augma,

Did you make that bot cry?

Sajad-Aliraqi 3 Sajad-Aliraqi,

Spades tournament

TheRainmaker 18 Cristina,

Braille Output on Platform

Maldalain 2 Fawaz,

About your country

kost-rizh2014 7 marmarmar,

vmware is broken, I think.

Alan1003 12 Pran,

Play music in the game room. question and suggestions.

facelessghost 1 Fawaz,

Duck racing: adjustments and balance

Aminiel 16 facelessghost,

The Game Of Life

roxyravenheart 2 Robertt,

Duck racing!

Aminiel 89 Lemonade,

dominos tornament

sodanisavit01 0 sodanisavit01,

Private message Ctrl m shortcut

Nikola 4 Time_traveller555,

a funny bug

godfather 0 godfather,

Starting a Teamtalk server

supanut2000 15 supremekiller,

Mostly played accessible games survey

Giovani 1 facelessghost,


Gushasad 19 Palitroque65,

the best gamer of connec four

SametAlim 2 SametAlim,


Dayan 0 Dayan,

Sable release date

Pran 14 marmarmar,

Suggestion to Slovak Monopoly board

Giovani 6 Giovani,

Spotify stream

Giovani 4 Giovani,

Constantine Ryzhikov - Besame Mucho. My attempt to sing a song in Spanish

kost-rizh2014 11 facelessghost,

Making Podcasts

sopralto 9 Giovani,

a suggestion I have for finding tables easily

Rory101 3 Nikola,

Discord Canary

george 10 Alan1003,

Blind Lawyers

kost-rizh2014 4 rone,

A new option in uno.

marmarmar 0 marmarmar,

Pausing the game on a phone

Twannieboy 4 Nikola,

Issues with statistic tables

Giovani 2 Giovani,

Issue with points of Uno

Giovani 2 Giovani,

Champion for the ducks race tournament

ethan714 1 godfather,

ducks race tournament

ethan714 18 Palitroque65,

Jenux OS

Pran 1 godfather,

about translations to other languages

targutay 9 Giovani,

An @friends argument in chat?

Eithan 4 Nikola,

How to uninstall a linux dualboot

Pran 0 Pran,

team talk server

BellaBlack666 13 BellaBlack666,

Ducks Race Tournament Match ups And Table Masters

Lexi714 1 ethan714,

saving a table

GoldenWisdom 1 Nikola,

Autoit3 scripting language questions

Sajad-Aliraqi 2 Sajad-Aliraqi,

issue in ducks race when landing on ducklings nest Square

ethan714 0 ethan714,

Manamon doudes, help and more.

Onisama 5 Sajad-Aliraqi,

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