Season 2, Uno league.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

hello everyone! Fawaz and I are excited to announce that we’re organizing a Uno league! It’ll be more flexible than last time and we hope everyone will enjoy.
The format also will be a bit different, there will be no finals or knockouts, rather players will play against each other on a round robin twice (means that everyone will face everyone 2 times), each match gives you 1 point, and the player who earns the most points will be the winner.
We will be starting at the last week of September probably, and each one will have to play 2 matches per week on average, depending on the number of people who register. We will update you on these details later.
The players host their own matches of the week at any time they agree upon with their opponents and inbox us the results before the end of the week. the failed to play matches will be played at the weekend at a fixed time.
As for the rules, There will be a 5 seconds time limit with score fixed to 400 points, other rules are as usual:
-+2 and +4 responses,straights,interceptions, super interceptions, blufs.

The registration will be closing on the 11th of September, 2017. due to different format and since its league, we will limit the spots depending on the number of participants. If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact Fawaz or myself or reply to this post.

Magicalkrrish and Fawaz.

2. Vojvoda ,

I am in for sure!

3. randomrob,

I would certainly be up for this, apart from the fact that time limit is being used. I understand why, but I don't think it is necessary. sometimes, you simply have to step away, you can't pause mid-game, and it is unfair.

4. Vojvoda ,

you can pause by playing wild or just sawe and restore the table. At least that's something.

5. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Count me in - let's try my luck,

6. afrim,

Count me, please.

7. dalibor,

count me too

8. Angelina-princess,

Yo'o'o, count me in & cheers.

9. Everyone,

Can't miss this! Put me on the list.

10. guliwer,

Count me.

11. Basti,

Hello, count me in!

12. musiclover,

can i be put in lets do this

13. Maldalain,

Count me in please

14. Badgirl,

And I will join with pleasure and with all my hatery to time limit.

15. Mazdak ,

Count me too. I'm interested to participate. Thank you for registering me.

16. keyWasFull,

I am in, and playing to win

17. Taylor1,

Hi i would love to participate in this

18. Mayank ,

okay, fine.
Though I would still consider if we need the time limit, and if so, should it be 5 seconds.

Latest edition by Mayank , Aug 15 2017 15:30:26

19. Everyone,

I personally love time limit, but for tournaments you do have to consider whether it's worth all the extra trouble. I think we would need at least some information regarding what should happen if, say, somebody's internet decides to no longer cooperate.

20. boo-boo,

you already know that you will count me in , right baboo? yeah so in deed, i am in.

21. rockstar2013,

Hello everyone, I would like to participate in this tournament, but I don't like the 5 second time limit, since, you may need to wait for some players in the middle of the game, and it's too quick for me!

22. BellaBlack666,

Can we at least settle for 25 secs time limit?

23. Cristina,

Yah, I would join too if there would not be the annoying time limit or at least if it would be chosen more seconds.
Moreover it is league, not tournament, then why would it be such a rush?

24. JScholes,

Sure, put myself and Eirin down to join.

25. policeman1,

Yes this is my victory and count in the champion policeman1!

26. Angelina-princess,

Well, I think 5 seconds is suitable because we had a same tournament before & it was well done.
I suppose, If we put more than 5 seconds for limit time it would be similar with no limit time because uno is a fast game, even we play without limit time we also don't need to take 25 seconds to play so it's not interesting,.
Moreover, this is a league as well as we play uno everyday & we will gain points through each match so I believe it will be enjoyable.
Hope to have a nice time!

27. policeman1,

I think the 5 seconds rules are fair and square!.

28. Cristina,

Guys, you should not omit a very important detaile: a league can not be compared to a tournament, due to the fact that the league request more players who will play each other and not all of them are experienced Uno players.

Anyway it is absolutely clear that the less experienced players will have no chance to grab one of the first places, then why to worry and to not be more flexible, giving equal chances to the participants?

Moreover I agree with Angelina, 25 seconds are too much and there's no sense to be like that, but maybe 7 or max 10 will be ok.

I personaly asked to be a higher time limit because my screen reader is in romanian language and there's no choice to make it to read faster than it does, although I always try my best to not slow down the game due to this issue of me.

And ok, the final decission belong to the organizers, I'll be fine with it just because I like to play uno even if I am a big loser. Smile!

Latest edition by Cristina, Aug 17 2017 11:07:36

29. Sevrior,

I'll join I suppose. Despite being shit at the game. :)

30. mohammedradwan9564,

sure count me gize
but when it well be

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