New lines are unacceptable in chat

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1. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Hello everybody :)
I'm really tired of deleting lines from something then post it on a free table or anywhere.
We've suggested many suggestions, if the developer can't do one of them, then this one is easy isn't it?
For me it's quite useful.

2. Everyone,

I honestly don't have the faintest clue what you mean by empty lines.

3. soundarya,

What he means, as far as I can guess, is that while posting some article or any essay or any sort of litirary work on playroom, you first have to doff lines and then post it because playroom only accepts chats in one line. Well its just a stab in the dark about what he is saying, But I guess that's what he means, and I support him with this. For example you may as well want to show a news to a collection of friends on chat. In this case it is not possible to use inbox, and therefore it would be an incredible step if playroom advances in the direction of constructing a possibility of chatting in more than one line.

4. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Soundarya declared more than me
Now in this standard box, I can write more than new line. But in the edit of chat, impossible now

5. soundarya,

Right. so our desire is to see the feature where we could write stuff on the chatbox just like we can in the forum and inbox.

6. each-and-everythinh ,

this will as far as i can tell , require a client update and that means it will not be implemented soon

7. soundarya,

yah you are right. it will take time.
We hope this will be considered for the next update.

8. MRMagenta,

If it will be.

9. each-and-everythinh ,

yes there will be version 2.2.5 i believe

10. YNWA,

If people post on the forum you should be absolutely clear on what you are saying otherwise Aminiel will not understand you. If your spelling is not great then use spell check. If you can get a friend to look at your post and help you to make corrections where necessary that will be even better!

11. Vojvoda ,

I think we all understood what he meant, with a little help of others so no need for comment like this.

12. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Thanks professor you made yourself tired while writing those lines. Soundarya declared everything after me, and now Aminiel understood everything! Spell checker and stuff rofl!

13. YNWA,

It is sad that people are becoming rude here when you try to help people! Perhaps they feel insecure due to their own personal situation and can't take constructive criticism. After all a forum is no use if you don't understand what someone else is saying!

Latest edition by YNWA, May 14 2016 15:21:55

14. Sajad-Aliraqi,

It's not rudeness, in other topic I said don't correct my lingual mistakes publicly, and now spell checker. If you didn't understand it then why did you comment really

15. Everyone,

No offence Ynwa, but I have to agree that this is rather condescending and arrogant. You could've simply asked what he meant, as I did. That way this whole charade doesn't have to start yet again. now most of the topic posts aren't even about the suggestion, and that also seems to be the reason a lot of topics get closed which is a shame.
As to the suggestion... My personal opinion is that I don't see a very big need for it. If you have an entire news article to write in the chat, why not just post a link to the article? It's what you do on twitter as well, it's only 140 characters but still immensely popular. I see the chat feature more as a way to talk to one another. So while it would not actually harm anyone to implement this, we have to ask ourselves the question if we want the chat feature to turn into something like a mini forum. I personally think not, but perhaps others think differently.

16. each-and-everythinh ,

very well said , fully agree.

17. YNWA,

There are many posts that make no sense in the forum and I don't think it is unreasonable for people to use spell check and taking more care when writing in the forum! After all everybody is reading the article, It is good advice to ask people if you think there may be a problem with something. I have had people check what I have written too. Others Have asked my advice in the past. I know many people have asked me to correct their English and will do so in the future so adding a tip to help someone can't be a bad thing. It is sad that if you take things personally as I tried to help people as I do with games too!

18. soundarya,

you do not have an article on the web always, you may as well have some messages of facebook that you wanna shair out here.
You might even seek currection from a friend before making some statements public.

You might as well desire to have formal sort of conversation. its not impossible that you meet someone here who is your mentor.
but most importently, its not fare if we have to upload a small article just to let some other person see on playroom!

19. Sajad-Aliraqi,

There are many nonsense posts, but if you read them, you will find yourself who commented on them

20. sound2,

Personally I think the chat feature as it is, is okay. True I did have an experience in which I wanted to shair a poem with someone and couldn't paste the whole thing. But it wasn't major. Free tables are only ment for chat after all, and are not the same as the forum. It would be pity to scrap the free table system. In the end we have no idea if this feature will be implemented or not. As for IMWA, I think he/she was trying to help although personally I wouldn't want to be corrected all the time.

21. fire-starter,

Hi, I think this thing is not nede for the playroom. Because it won't be used much, u can copy links or something like that. Btw, wy are there always fights on this forum? Lets be nice to others


22. soundarya,

I agree with louisa.
You could face problems like when you hit enter instead of seeing the message you get a new line on the chatbox.
I have a solution in mind.
lets say, you press some shortcut like ctrl b or ctrl c or whatever to get an edit box similar to the forum. there you type, and then hit the ok butten to get your long message posted.

23. Cristina,

We can help people in a respectful way and not making them to feel unconfortable. of course if they need our help. if no, then it's better if we stay quiet in our corner.
Moreover this forum is not for english language lessons or any other language and many of us are not english native speaker.
If someone wants to make corrections, then it would be nicer if that person would create a free table and invite there all those people whose posts on the forum were unclear cause of their bad english language.
I remember very well when once I've said on the forum that I often hesitate to say my opinion on a topic or on another, cause of my bad english language and many people have told me that's ok and I should not feel so, because we are supposed to be friendly and tolerant with each other, even if our english language is not so good.
Anyway it's good that Aminiel was always polite with those people whose suggestions or posts were not clear cause of their bad english. And this matters a lot...

Latest edition by Cristina, May 14 2016 21:10:53

24. Sajad-Aliraqi,

If YNWA makes a lingual mistake, I wouldn't currect him publicly. Rather send him a PM, if my prestige allows. I agree with Cristina-Iona, and in fact her English is awsome. A personal opinion though

25. YNWA,

I agree with you but when you make comments like you did below then you become fair game!

If someone commented a nice comment or something, it doesn't mean he must be promoded as one of the staff. And I actually don't agree. The staff is full and enough helpers, translaters and admins. Nothing will be changed if he is a helper or something. But just pointless. We have entire staff.

If you comment on other people then they will comment about you and what you have done!

26. Sajad-Aliraqi,

LOL don't think your message is something replies me. Yes, if you are from the staff, nothing will be changed. And I don't think the playroom requires another members. Come on, this topic was a suggestion, but you converted it to hell!

27. YNWA,

"we have entire staff" are you part of the Admin team? That is not an opinion but a statement as you are not in a position to make those judgements. Also factually the staff is not full as they are looking for people to translate the PR as we both know it needs doing! Also a year on there is still no movement on The Quiz game.

For the record it was nice that the person made those nice comments about me so thanks for that! For the record I did register my interest for the helpers job and they went in another direction. Nobody has a crystal ball so who knows how things would have turned out. I am not going to slaughter the Helpers that were selected as they have made a lot of improvements and banning you for one when you crashed another person's jaws was a good decision!

For the record I am not interested in the helpers job! With the correction of the PR and Quiz I am not sure but I will never say never. Perhaps I would want too much control with the quiz but I have doubts about it working here in it's present format as many would prefer to play it in pairs at the least to start with. some of us like quizzes to be challenging and others would not want to play at that level due to language barriers!

I have enough to get on with at the moment with Plays and the football plus playing other bots! lol so am not in a rush.

28. dalimidvecimidvenedali,

It would be nice, so nice option... :)
And when you talked about that spelling, i have also something to say: Remember that there are 90 % of people, who use english as their 2nd 3rd language and spelling mistakes are understandable. I appreciate people, who want to help us, but not by this way. English is only something, what we have learned for certain part of our life.
So for those, who are more critisizing than helping i have only one advice:
Tell him/me something in Arabic/Czech. Wryte the message as long, as mine is and if it is without mistakes, i will be surprissed...

Sorry for such of topic post, but... Nothing...
your Slavista

29. sound2,

For the record a pleasure. I can't see where does the stafrf come into this? Confused. We've gone way off topic but that has been happening for a while now.

30. sturchu ,

If those who don't understand someone's question on the forum and cannot stand bad English just ignore it and move on... I think the chat feature is sufficient as it is. Can't we use inbox to share longer items?

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