enable /mute command to table owners

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1. matar.desgarrar,

Translation of a message posted into the spanish playroom forum by killer-instinct. Direct link: http://qcsalon.net/es/forum1000000/topic25404
He's talking about the /mute command. The use of this command is currently allowed only for helpers and admins. I think that, as we can ban users, we should be able to use the mute command, for example, to silence the chat during certain matches (Uno, for example) or simply mute to let the owner a moment to think about how to solve the situation on the table without having to tell helpers to take any further action.

So, the suggestion is specially for free tables. In order to finish the spam that frequently teases us, I suggest to allow the table owners to use the command to mute the chat in case of spam at the table. We could avoid lots of problems, and we would finish the problem that teases us each day. I'm waiting for a good response. Thanks and regards.

Latest edition by matar.desgarrar, Mar 4 2017 17:17:02

2. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, yeah I think it should be implemented like it happens with dice throws, since at least nowadays this command hasn't been abused if you think arguing about that. Or also it's cool since there exist some people who just create free tables to sit around, then the chat function is not that useful.

Hopefully this can be implemented soon!

Kind regards.

3. sound2,

Some might consider some messages spam, and some others not. It would depend on the table master. I don't think it would be that easy to implement, since people think differently about such things. I would like a function in which a user can mute the coin and dice roles in free tables. In other words, those that want to join in, can stil do, but if you just want to continue with the conversation, and not be bothred by the coins and dice roles, then that option would be available. I know many would disagree or not understand what I mean. Anyway, it's just an idea.

4. helleon,

i don't personally see the point of implementing a complete mute feature for free tables, i mean isn't there purpose so that people can chat within them? i would think it benefitial to see a feature which would let us can ignore a player within a table. not sure if we have that already?

5. YNWA,

Lets take this senario . Roger, ben, and jack are at a free table. Roger blocks Ben's texts so only Jack can here what Ben has written. Ben is insulting Roger while Ben is laughing at what Ben has written because Roger can't here what Ben has said. Roger only finds this out because his good friend Chris has joined The Free table. I would also wonder why you would want to join a Free table if you have blocked another person at that table. If a person is writing a lot of spam at a free table then the table master should remove that person by kicking or blocking them from that table. If the table master ignores this then why would you want to be at that table if that person remains table master or the spammer won't stop/leave.

6. matar.desgarrar,

Hello. For the people who say that this is a new feature, I posted on my first message that it isn't. The command /mute is available for helpers. On the other hand, eagala is speaking about one point of view that I didn't think, so anyway I think that that reason to mute the chat could be also interesant. Finally, I repeat, if the table masters can ban and kick people from their tables, why don't we go one step further? Regards.

7. Vojvoda,

I think at free table this has no point indeed. But for example in uno I really would like to mute chat. Instead of saying thousand of times stop chatting and instead of banning or kicking which is too rude for me especially if I know guys on that table muting the chat would be much much better.

8. kimimaro ,

I totally agree with the function of muting a player. For example, in a free table will be very useful for there are no discussions or if one person does not want to hear another.

9. matar.desgarrar,

Mmm... I understand the suggestion as the ability to mute the entire chat. Silencing a player is not interesting at all. Cheers.

10. the-raven,

the problem regarding muting the chat function during a game is that if someone has to go for a minute he wouldn't be able to say so. I do as well agree with ynwa regarding muting someone at a free table

Latest edition by the-raven, Mar 8 2017 19:21:58

11. Nikola-Jovic ,

I guess he could always send a private message to the master.

12. the-raven,

well, it's hard to do in uno since everything happens as fast as it does

13. Nikola-Jovic ,

Agree with that, but this topic refers to it being globally available, not just in uno

14. the-raven,

I know that, but i guess it's most often in uno this will be a problem as opposed to other games. :-) it would work during other games of course.

15. YNWA,

You said you wanted this feature applied globally so I don't agree with it at all. I understand the helpers being able to use it and I have no problem with that. There will be times when they will need to mute tables if things get out of hand. I can see the logic in having it for Uno as that is a fast game where you need to focus on just the cards. However, if you ask people not to chat because of the game most of the time they will. If they are so bad then table masters can just kick them.

If you did have it for uno then you can create a buzzer style system so people pressed the buzzer to get the table master's attention insted of pm's. The problem is Aminiel would have to creat yet another sound.

16. Vojvoda,

I don't agree, as I said you can maybe play with people who are your friends or with people who you don't feel like kicking from the table. Then the best way would be to desable chat. There are lots of people who don't like buzzers so this also is not a good idea, and what if you are in the middle of a game and they start chatting? Will you just restart and enable buzzers? With this logic we can say why could you make the table private when you can kick and ban people who you don't want on your table

17. YNWA,

I said that if this system was introduced then a buzzer system could be added so if you wanted people to stop playing instantly they would having heard the buzzer while the muting system is in effect. If people can only send you pm's to get you to stop and you have your settings to friends can only send you messages would people not on your friend's list have to pm a third party first, lol.

If you won't kick people then you will need to improve in the art of persuasion

18. Vojvoda,

Or I just would need to get the mute command awailable

19. tiny,

this command is very good and useful on some tourneies when many players allowed to observe but not chat, but some of these don't regard this rule. i think we need 2 notify sounds, to use 1 for when we can't play moment or a minute, and 1 for notifying a person that who's turn but he forgot that and don't play. with these sounds we can mute every table that we want but also we can supply our purpose.

20. YNWA,

some of the issues you are describing appear to be based on bad table management. We have enough tools at our disposal to deal with that. These issues arn't even note worthy to report to helpers.

Yes people can be a little vocal during tournaments as they usually want to support one of the players involved and that is reasonable. In the past I have asked people can they please be quiet and after 1 or 2 messages they get the message. I have not seen a major issue yet where I have seen someone had to ban a player because they are too much trouble at a tournament.

21. matar.desgarrar,

Hi. Yes, of course we can disable the automatic speaking of the messages by the screen reader, but all players would need to do that, so I think that's more useful /mute. On the other hand, I think that we cannot always ban or kick people, for example as another user said, if they are friends or similar. Finally, we could see the topic applied to free tables, to give another example, when a radio station is broadcasting but doesn't accept public chat (or wants to disable it for a moment in order to read all the messages). In my radio frequently the unread messages amount are higher and higher and I cannot read all of them. Cheers.

22. Saniel_Morse,

Someone's mentioned that it's more useful that only helpers can do it. But why? I guess that by looking at both sides of the spectrum we could have better reasons. I remember that, it was a helper (I won't mention the name) who muted a uno table for the first time, at least for the users who were in that moment. And for example it unmoted it during the breaks 'cause it was a tournament, and frankly I don't remember that problems were made for that. Moreover, let's think the oposite side; what if the helper were unable to be with us, for example?

Asuming that some features are only available for helpers makes me think that we're not that responsable for using them, and it's sad administrators have come to that conclusion.

Kind regards.

23. MagicalKrrish,

Hey now, I have organised alot of uno tournaments and I didn't find any problem of people chatting during the game. Its all about telling the participants before hand and if they don't follow the instructions thenn for sure there tools Like "Control K and control B", we don't need this mute system for the table master it will be definitely misused. People will just mute the table when ever they want and it will create chaos but if people find that function to be effective during tournaments then for sure they can contact one of the helper to be there and control the matter if needed.

Just my thoughts,

Kind regards.

Latest edition by MagicalKrrish, Mar 10 2017 03:44:51

24. YNWA,

We have a saying if it ain't broke don't fix it.

25. matar.desgarrar,

I follow Eagala. Why only helpers? the users are not enough responsible? Cheers.

26. kimimaro ,

Exactly, the users should also mute to others users as long as that be master of the table.

27. matar.desgarrar,

WTF? I didn't understand the prior message. I repeat: the proposal is related to muting the entire chat, not certain users, or it's which I understood of the post made by the spanish user.

Best regards.

28. kimimaro ,

Scuse me, my english is bad

29. YNWA,

I understood what you said. You believe that if you are table master you should be able to mute other users at your table. Well done for coming onto the forum and putting your point of view across as it takes great courage even if our views differ.

30. Vojvoda,

What is the point in muting user at a free table. You will kick him if he is rude or disturbing others or whatever

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