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61. HVACSalesman,

Okay, Nikola-Jovic, you clearly have not lived life. LOL
Have you ever heard of an organization called The National Federation Of The Blind? In order to be a member of this organization, one is required to pay the mandatory yearly donation of ten dollars... That's right!!! Ten dollars yearly in order to be a member. Another organization that requires mandatory donations is The Lions Club, and it's my understanding that they require a sixty dollar yearly donation. The American Council Of The Blind, an organization you may not be familiar with because they primarily focus on advocacy here in The United States, also requires a yearly donation, but I am not sure of the amount because I have never been involved with this organization.

Regarding your comment that this client was never intended to maximize money, there is absolutely no question that you are correct about that. Making a proffit was never a goal of Ameniel's. However, goals over time can and should change, and achievement of past goals lead to the setting of new goals and asperations, etc. We as human beings are evolutionary by nature. If we're not growing, we're diing. That's all there is to it.

Referencing your belief that only single services on the platform should require a samll fee in order to keep from reducing usership on the client, I agree with this concept and even stated that something like what you suggested should be considered.

62. Cristina,

Ok, this oratory could be considered great if it would be held on another place.
But do not forget, the title of this topic is "New games", then please stop talking about needless stuffs, cuz I think nobody is interested to listen.
I think almost all of us can make the difference between the donation and the payment.
As I could understand from what Aminiel has said, playroom will remain for free, so, do not worry guys. Or if you like to do this, then go to the donation page from the site, and drop there some dolars, euros, or any other curency you have.

63. Sajad-Aliraqi,

In fact, those in app purchases lik status limit seems to be as same as donations. You would either pay or not, it won't change anything. Secondly, there are people who would just come and open free tables, not even paying attention to a game or any status!

64. Nikola-Jovic ,

I mostly agree with you as well, however i did hear about NFB but not about yearly membership you need to pay, i can't call that a donation but rather membership.

65. dahlia ,

hello, got an offer which is recently came in to my mind , i do remember the game happy family that i used to play many years ago, with braille cards. for example there r four cards by common name but diffrent jender like mr, mrs, master and miss smith, we gotta gather them and to make points by each family, don't know if it is possible to make it here, i think it is hard to do, but will be glad if could be set up , as well as all cool games!

66. RedHawk,

Actually, majority being blind isn't a good reason to not make stuff paid. There are muds which consists of mostly blind players and they collect hundreds, if not thousands, dollars a month.

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