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31. Nikola-Jovic ,

Um not really, what is chess? C4? Reversi? And i actually agree with the other poster's point that it would be great to have more strategy games, Aminiel's opinion is that not a lot of people would play them which might be true but well, you never know and there seems to be more demand for them than you'd think. In fact i've learned a lot of games using only this platform and i'm sure same would apply for the games that might be added in the future.

32. george,

ok, ok. But what strategy games propose?

33. Sevrior,

See above. I listed at least 6.

34. dran666,

i agree that there needs to be more strategy games and RPGs. though i understand they are probably harder to create. life in my opinion is not at all like monopoly either that would be a good addition too.

35. The-Queen,

RPGS are hard to code in an online gaming platform.
If you want an RPG or MMORPG, make it yourself.
It is easy to suggest.
But is it easy to make it?

36. Nikola-Jovic ,

If we wanted to make games ourselves we wouldn't suggest them on this forum rather make them. Arguments such as this make no sense honestly, we all understand it's not easy but noone here said go make this game right away.

37. TheOracle,

cards against humanity would be fun here because you could probably get the players.

38. Sevrior,

I disagree that rpg games are difficult to make in an online format. Let me specify that I don't mean games in which you need to actively roleplay, but rather board games that rely upon characters and methods of advancement.
For example, dungeon run is a game in which you draw a card for a character which has designated stats, attack strength and so on. You then roll dice to move across a board, with the intent to be the first to exit the dungeon at the other end of the board. Different characters can do different actions, people can attack one another, different squares on the board have different modifiers such as traps, randomly spawned monsters and so on, and you can also draw cards from an action deck that might modify your character, let you cast spells and so on.

In theory this all sounds like a lot, but implementation wise it's not. You essentially have a monopoly style board with squares given attributes. Then you just have to build the character profiles, which isn't that different from the monopoly profiles that contain things like properties owned, etc. Finally, you would need to add the cards, but that's literally just transcription.

39. Aminiel,

I would be interested in board games having a certain RPG part in them.
However, there are a lot of these games and their physical version are rarely accessible, so it's also quite difficult to choose and to make up your mind without effectively playing them.

I had got a suggestion on that side some time ago, but I'm blocked because I couldn't get the value in gold of the cards.
It isn't written on the rules, and it's impossible to get it by scanning the cards, since the cost is symbolized by one or more coin icons on the top of the cards.
I don't own a copy of the physical game myself and I have no news about the guy who scanned the cards.

For full RPG games or mud-like, it's certainly possible to do something and itegrate it into the playroom, but I would need a lot of time.
This isn't an easy kind of game, and it's even 10 times harder once the game engine is released, because you must regularely create new zones, new monsters, new quests, new challenges, etc. in order to keep players' interests.

I have also got several suggestions for adding a combat game like magic the gathering. Making the engine is one thing but then you have to create all the cards afterwards. This is, once more, not that easy.

I haven't yet got a suggestion for a strategy online game like O-Game or Lors&Knights where you have to build buildings, recruit an army and send it to conquer your opponents.
That's not easy either, but probably easier than a full RPG or mud though.

That's a lot of different possibilities. And at the same time, many people want an iOS app, or voice chat.

Sometimes, I'm wondering if I shouldn't create a survey to ask:

But I'm afraid of what the great majority would say after hearing the bad word: pay

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40. Sevrior,

Well yes, an rpg game that has new content added regularly would certainly be cool.
But in the above example I gave, the board and cards are static. You only implement it once, and the dice rolls make the replays possible.

Nonetheless it's understandable that such games would be more difficult to implement than, say, simple dice points games or other related things.

Regarding payment and/or a survey: I personally wouldn't object to either, particularly if they gave users the ability to have greater influence on the types of games implemented. However, as you already said, you will lose people if you go the payed route.

41. soundarya,

If you make certain games payed I have no objection at all, just I would request you to keep free table as free table and not make it payed table.
There are some people here on playroom, who are really busy with works, but just come to hang out on free tables some times in order to maybe relax a little, or to learn about other cultures, music, etc.
So I would request you to keep the free table free for ever.

42. Nikola-Jovic ,

Actually this isn't a bad idea, make certain more advanced strategy games payed and that way hard work for developing them would pay off.

43. george,

but why paied, why not free?

44. soundarya,

Because it takes a lot of time and work in order to add complecated games

45. sam69,

it would not be right to start chargeing for games now when the playroom has been free since it first came out

46. Nikola-Jovic ,

The question is Aminiel how many people are ready to pay? As you can already see not a lot. What I suggest to you is if you want some money from playroom, make in app purchases for example: Purchase friends list increase, purchase status limit increase, and then you code some additional features that can be purchased but aren't absolutely needed, like for example translation sistem for chats, and so on.

47. Aminiel,

Don't panic, what is currently free will stay free. There is no question there. It wouldn't be very honnest to start charging for something that was previously free. That would be the very last thing to do.

48. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Well, I assume, Aminiel, you will have to relax with a cup of coffee, and think of your playroom, think of what you would add, what features that you see can suit the playroom, at that moment, when you come up with new features that all would like, you can make the Playroom to be paid, partially or entirely. But for now, even the suggested system about making it limited, or buying in apps purchases wouldn't work for the current skin of playroom. It just can't work

49. HVACSalesman,

This is gonna sound a little crazy... But, here goes!

Blind folks need to make a living just like everyone else. So, we have a blind person who is using skills that quite frankly, not even a high percentage of sighted folks have, which were developed through hard work, who creates a gaming platform intended for everyone to enjoy, but for several reasons, mainly blind people use his platform. Therefore, a catch 22 exists in that the game developer should be able to make a living providing this gaming platform service, but the demographic is blind people; this demographic does not have a lot of money do to general lack of employment.

Other gaming platforms around the world make a proffit providing similar services. However, their demographic is sighted people who make up about 98 to 99% of our society. We live in a capitalistic society where when demand for a service increases, supply for service decreases which creates a price increase, or in this case, maybe a small fee. However, that, again, takes me back to my point that the blind person demographic does not have a lot of money to spend.

The only real solution to this problem is to start trying to make the platform enjoyable for sighted people, thus, changing the demographic. This would not mean alienating blind folks but would mean tappping into the 98 to 99% of society who already like the card and board games that exist on this client. The only blind people who would be left out are those who are really too poor to pay $10 a month... or whatever pricing structure is decided on.

I am not a coder or computer programmer but know that this can be done with some thought and maybe a little bit of sighted help. I know that sighted folks like to see the actual cards and/or dice... They like graphics... Damned sighted people! LOL

I hope my opinion is not too contrevercial... And anyway, I'm just some sales and marketing guy in the heating and air/conditioning industry who is probably full of crap. Don't mind me.

50. soundarya,

Not only the poor ones will be left out, but many like me will be left out who use playroom just as a social network.
I know playroom is a nice thing, but I am not a gamer.
I am sure there are some people like me out here too.
So As I said before, you can make certain features paid.
Like, if someone wishes to unlock a certain feature he has to pay some amount.
For example:

  1. To access a paid game.
  2. Like Nikola said, to unlock a feature which allows you to write more characters in your status, or to add more friends than the limit set for those who do not want to pay for the purpose.
  3. To unlock the feature of voice chat.
  4. To enable graphics for popular game, as suggested in the previous post.
  5. And many more.

51. YNWA,

I know Aminiel has said he is not keen on advertising and has explained it well enough in the past but what about sponsorship? Perhaps the home page or when you enter the playroom. I think it would be worth looking into.

52. Sevrior,

This is very much divorced from the original point of the topic.
Perhaps new mechanisms for improving admin insentives are needed. Perhaps sponsors, sighted interactions, pay to play schemes and more are the solution.
Then again, perhaps not.

That doesn't mean that until we resolve this new games shouldn't be discussed and implemented, and that being the case, I feel that said new games should be of the complex strategy form, seeing as there is a predominance of simple games on the platform. This is and was the focus of the topic. Let's not stray from it.

53. george,

Aminiel, this is the best gaming platform for blinds, why you must add complicate games, paied games?

54. HVACSalesman,

Sorry to be a buzz kill, but paying or not paying to use the client has everything to do with this topic because part of the reason it's being discussed has to do with the fact that it takes quite a bit of time and effort to create new games. Hobby or not, a skilled human beeing is spending time to create services that we all like... And this skilled human being, who happens to be blind, to the best of my knowledge, is not making a living creating services that we like. The odds are better for a sighted person with the same skill set who creates gaming platforms to make boat loads of money.

Many of us are suggesting new games, and there is a high demand for this service in the blind demographic. If demand increases, supply decreases. So, something or someone has got to give.

55. george,

I know. I tell that aminiel dont do complicate games, make card, strategy, dices, etc

56. Nikola-Jovic ,

Yes, but you all who complain about him not getting good amount of money can just as well donate as the donation page exists on the site for a reason.

57. Sevrior,

I'm not disputing that these are valid issues. I'm disputing that they are issues that ought be discussed in this particular thread.

58. helleon,

Why has the idea of advertising been turned down? It would certainly be lucritive and not hard to get. as well as that there is no need for anyone blind, employed or unemployed, to dole out anything.

59. HVACSalesman,

There's no problem with the donation page. However, coming from my six years of experience working at a church, there are insentives to donate at churches. Religions use biblical scriptures to make people feel guilty if they neglect tithing, etc., to insure that they achieve donation goals. The only way the donation page can consistantly be successful is to create insentives to donate. These insentives would create more revenue for the client, I.E., business, thus, allowing Ameniel to create the new games that many of us covet.

While the donation page has probably been effective in starting the platform these past six years, donations aren't the best way to continue to grow this thing moving forward because they are optional. Anything optional does not maximize revenue and is not ideal for growth. A few possible deffinitions of growth could be as follows: eventually possessing the ability to hire programmers to create new games; accumulating the capital to change or include multiple demographics; and placing servers all over the world in order to improve connection speeds since there are so many users from so many different geographical areas.

In order to maximize growth, one has to start small, meaning that if it is donations that are required, that a mandatory monthly 99 cent donation could be implemented. Maybe there is a way to build in a paypal option to the client, and once the person's used his month of client time, he signs into the client, and the Paypal page pops up asking the individual to pay the 99 cent monthly donation. As time goes on, and new games are added, the mandatory monthly donation can be increased to $1.99; it can continue to be increased over time.

There have been people who suggested charging a fee for having the ability to play new games, and having the ability to use the friends list and/or free table feature. Those are reasonable options and should be considered.

...And charging a fee or creating a mandatory donation would weed out many of the trouble makers on the system. Most trouble makers aren't going to pay for the right to cause trouble. The odds would increase that the play room becomes a nicer more trouble and drama free environment.

In conclusion, many of us want new games, but what are we, as a community, willing to do about it? Are we willing to make the necessary sacrifices to enable Ameniel to continue to improve this service to our liking??? Or, are we going to just make suggestions and expect Ameniel to, like magic, make them appear. While there is no question that all of us have the right to make suggestions and do nothing else, it is money that creates the ability to make things happen. If we are unwilling, as a community, to be charged a mandatory fee, that's not Ameniel's fault; it is ours. If we point the finger at a person, there are always three fingers pointed right back at us.

60. Nikola-Jovic ,

You compare donations to a program with donations to a church? That's just... Weird. When a donation becomes mandatory, it can no longer be called a donation cause you have to donate, and donation is something you can but aren't obliged to do. While donations don't increase the money optained as much as making it payed would, it was never a goal when playroom started to maximize the money you can get, at least from my understanding. While I do understand programming, fixing major bugs that just pop up out of nowhere and adding new features isn't easy and requires time, software market is very hard to adopt. There are numerous audio games which are payed, and a lot of people crack them. Not because they disrespect developers, but because they can't afford them but do want them. For example i've cracked a lot of games i certainly wish from my heart i could buy, but it's not possible yet. The reason why i'm saying all this, there already are some payed platforms similar to playroom: I am not sure are they still around, but look at the success for blind adrenaline or all in play. They do not have nearly as much players as the playroom does, even though the monthly subscription isn't that expensive. All this said, that's why i suggested paying for extra stuff earlier, if you do that you for sure wouldn't get any player decrease, cause people can live without them, and those who can't will simply pay.

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