A few suggestions for Quiz Party

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1. Raki,

My suggestions:

• A buzzer to indicate when the question has been asked.
• Similarly, a buzzer to indicate when there is 4 seconds remaining to choose an answer. Sometimes when looking over the answers a player might lose track of time so a warning buzzer would be useful.
• Enabling the spectators to view the questions.
• The elimination of “the right answer is ___.” There are only so many questions on the quiz, once players start to know the answers it’ll get boring.
• For all players and not only helpers to be able to signal questions

Thanks and have a great day.

2. TheOracle,

i'd like to make a suggestion for quiz party, but it's stupid, and i'm pretty sure it would require moving some of the questions.

3. Nikola-Jovic ,

Can't you already singal questions with ctrl g? For everything else except right answers i agree.

4. Aminiel,

For signaling questions, that's a bug. IN the past, anyone could do it, not only helpers.

For mentioning the right answer: at the beginning, effectively, the right answer wasn't given. It has been added at about 12000 questions.

5. the-raven,

I'm sure it isnt stupid. what's your suggestion about?

6. YNWA,


Apparently from my understanding anybody is supposed to signal messages as it is called here although I would call them flagged messages. Due to a bug it appears that only table masters can only signal messages at present. I can say the team check and correct errors they spot all the time. Many errors have already been corrected by many of our team without nobody suggesting those errors to us. At present my message box is open so people can send me any errors they spot during the game. Just cut out the error and let me know as I don't want a life history, you can do this until the problem gets sorted.

I think spectators shouldn't be able to see what the question is as they can send a PM to one of the other players playing telling them what the correct answer is. Even with 15 seconds I could do that quite easily. I think when someone hosts a tournament in the future they will find this to be a very useful tool so thanks Aminiel for thinking of this excellent idea.

The forum is for anybody to give their opinion and anybody is free to do that. Sometimes I agree and sometimes not but that is what the forum is for. Like anywhere else some will be good and some not so good but I know Aminiel has taken up suggestions that he thinks will benefit the playroom in the past and I am sure he will do so in the future.

7. Nikola-Jovic ,

Oh well, if you really want to cheat you can still do it, not at all hard to just copy the question and send a pm to a player who will give you answers so well in my opinion spectators not seeing questons isn't stopping any cheating, just making the game useless for spectators.

8. YNWA,

IN 20 seconds or less, good luck and assuming they already know it. While I am here Raki and others have suggested that some of the people already know some of the answers and that's because people were able to play the game too soon. Nearly 4000 questions is good going. The good thing is people really enjoy the quiz and I hope it helps to attract new people to the PR and that will be good for everybody.

9. Raki,

Hi aminiel, the English quiz party doesn’t have 12,000 validated questions yet, I think the last time I checked we were around 3900 validated questions.
For regular players it becomes easier to remember the answers and giving away the answers only makes it easier.

Ynwa, copying all four of the multiple choices and sending it to the spectator and getting a reply back – It’s possible but not likely. Seriously why would any player go through all that effort? You can’t screw up everyone’s day just because someone might cheat on a question.
My suggestion was for the spectator to see the question but not the choices.
We can possibly have a feature where you can shut that off during tournaments if that’s what your worried about.

10. balasana ,

Personally fairness of this particular game is a moot point. those who have played a lot already know many answers. And the top question submitters, and the validators, will have clear advantage. I play quiz to learn new knowledge and have fun. if one cares only to win, there are other games here for that.
Hanging out by watching friends play has become a big part of the community culture on PR. I'd love to see the questions as a spectator.
The buzzer is also a great idea. But would it make you more nervous when you are busy scraching your head? lol
But Raki in any quiz/trivia game on the internet the answer would be shown once the choice is submitted. And one would like to know the correct answer anyway rather than being left hanging.
Guess you just need to work harder to help the pull reach 12k ASAP?

11. Raki,

Fair points, The only difference is that we have 4000 questions where as others have hundreds of thousands, this is why I tried to find a solution.
It’ll start evening out though once we start getting a lot of questions.

12. Nikola-Jovic ,

I didn't mean copying the choices, but here, try this and if you can't do this in 20 seconds then we have a problem: Note: I am assuming spectator is your friend in this case. As soon as the question is announced, you press ctrl page down to go to the end of history where the question is. After that, ctrl space to copy it, ctrl f to go to your friends list, press a few first letters of the name, ctrl m to send a private message, and ctrl v and enter to paste and send. It just sounds like a lot of shortcuts, but is technically speaking very easy to do. Also in case he's not your friend, you can press shift w instead of ctrl f to open the list of people on the table and from there is the same, but to me that all is very pointless to do. I fully agree with one comment made here, winning isn't everything in this game, it's more to improve your general knowledge.

13. Cristina,

Ah, why would anyone be interested to cheat? That's so childish.
I would like to be there a shortcut to check and see how many times we retrained ourself, for that case if we forgot.
What I do not like, it is that many questions are repeated, even if there are like 4000 validated questions already. This is so annoying and I can not understand how it works, why, when we play more games in a row, we get often the same questions. It happened this to me, yesterday when I played three games.
So, it is obvious that we memorize the answers.

14. YNWA,

You are not the only one Cristina to say that a question has been repeated. When someone starts a new game as far as the computer is concerned it is a brand new game and it doesn't remember any of your previous history. I haven't analysed say 100 games to see if the computer follows a simular patton or not. I hope in time that with more questions then this will happen less frequently and this was part of the reason why I wanted to ensure that we have a minimum number of questions validated for every subject before the game started. We almost have a minim of almost 150 now for every subject so in theory 150 to 1 but I know in reality it doesn't work like that .

Unfortunately some people played the game before it was ready so of course the game is not as fresh for them as it should be. If the game was properly released 2 weeks ago with 3000 questions then you will see that we added over 900 questions to the Quiz party. That is a very good achievement by the Quiz Party Team and that shouldn't be forgotten.

To be honest with you reaching 12,000 questions is not important to me. What is more important is people enjoy the quiz and it atracts more people to the playroom. That has been my motivation from the start. Our job is to ensure there are more questions so there are less repeats while sorrting out existing errors. When there are more questions I can make my backlog of plays I still record shrink again.

is unreasonable to expect any person who has seen the questions not to play the quiz. I don't think bots have a good enough command of English yet as they only Know two words and I think you all know what they are. I haven't played much as I have been far too busy working on the quiz, I only played it to test it. You say it is an advantage because I validated the questions or other people submitted questions have an advantage because they know the answers. I think most people would rather someone else validated/sent in questions because they want to try to answer things they don't know for the challenge it gives you. You can still answer questions you have Validated/sent in and get them wrong, I bet that has been done already! I agree with Balasana that The Quiz is about learning new things that you didn't know before as well as the enjoyment of playing it with friends.

15. Nikola-Jovic ,

Cristina, just to let you know that you press a in order to check how many times you can refrain.

16. Cristina,

oopsy, thanks nIkola
i have just noticed that the right word is refrain and not retrain. My hearing again. smile

17. Nikola-Jovic ,

Oh well that's not a problem i didn't want to point that, but just to answer your question.

18. TheOracle,

hey the-raven,

to answer your question, my suggestion is to merge the box sets and cartoons category with television and media.

If you look at it how I do, they are both essentially the same thing
you could, if you wanted too, submit questions about cartoons to the television and media category, as they are on television.

you could, if you wanted too, submit questions about adult shows to box sets and cartoons.

think about it..

19. balasana ,

i think it could be coded by filtering out previously seen questions because we all play with our user name instead of as a guest. But it isn't practical with 4K or even 12k questions. Imagine if you have a table of 5 players, which is very common here, all the questions anyone of the 5 has seen are filtered out. Pretty soon you will have no questions left!
Common sense says the more questions we have the less often we will see repeats. However computer random number generation doesn't always work as we expect. One site I source my questions from claims to have hundreds of thousands of questions. But by the 15th quiz I saw a repeat already.
So let's not worry about the repeats. Just hit the right answer, take a nap and wake up to collect the points you have won!
YNWA, what I meant by some people having advantage is that there is no absolute fairness to this game, and there's no point cheating. I didn't say anything about not to play because of that fact. Just to clarify.

Latest edition by balasana , May 9 2017 00:46:36

20. YNWA,

Don't forget Quiz Party is played with more than one player so filtering out questions for 4 players would prove to be very difficult and limited.

21. TheOracle,

could we add a knockout stage to the game?

example: 4 people are playing the game

all 4 people have 0 points

on the next question, 3 of the 4 people get it right, 4th person gets it wrong

the game says you lose a point, but if that person has 0 points, they don't have any points to lose anyway.
so why not eliminate them?

this could be an option in game settings

I mean, you could have the classic version, or the version including knockouts for advance players

on the subject of points, why when only 2 people are playing the game, do you not lose points if you get a question wrong?

22. the-raven,

Sounds like a good suggestion. The only problem, as I see it, is that if everybody ends up answering wrong, or if only one person mannages to answer correctly, the game would be over. Therefore, I think that if anything should be changed in that situation, we should include the possibility for negative points - but I guess that would be too complicated ... :-)
And yeah, I agree that it would be a good idea to include the possibility for losing points when answering wrong while being only 2 players :-)

23. TheOracle,

couldn't we make the quiz party with 2 players, the same as 3 players (that is to say, you still lose and gain points depending on your answer)

I also think if time runs out and you've not answered anything, you should lose a point anyway

24. balasana ,

TheOracle, I totally agree with the first half. The second half though, I think it's good to give the players a few free passes (refrains) in each round. For example, I personally use these on 1 out of 4 random-guess questions where I could not eliminate any choice at all, or use them to catch up with the leader when approaching the target score.

25. the-raven,

I must agree with balasana here

26. Cristina,

It would be nice if we would have more questions about things from all over world.
Quiz on english part is not played just by british and american people, therefore it should be taken in consideration this fact.
Yesterday evening I've played with some romanian fellows and we knew the answers for almost all questions which were not about british or american things.
When we create a quiz party game, it says: "Well come to quiz party, the general culture game from playroom..." or something like this, then I think, we should have there questions which are related to this.

27. YNWA,

The message the General culture to the playroom is for every part of the Playroom that has Quiz Party and you are welcome to check out that fact. There are many questions in Quiz Party that are from all over the world. Perhaps people who speak Italian, French And Spanish can tell me what percentage of questions are International in those Quizzes as I would be interested to know. I believe that we have a much higher percentage of International questions compared to any other language section here that has Quiz Party.

28. ali.altikrety,

can't we have a random catagory, like if you have a question and you don't know where to place it so we just have a random catagory
or it could work as choosing random and the game selects any of the other catagories from you

29. Nikola,

@Ynwa What you say is true, but think about the following: Italian, French or Spanish quiz don't have as much people from all over the world playing as we do. Agree with this or no, the fact is that maybe about 20 percent of English playroom are native English speakers.

30. Raki,

Disagree, I think we have to keep in mind what part of the world each topic is relevant to.
For instance, the Arts section is heavily influenced by European artists and understandably so, should I start complaining that we have no Canadian artists there? No because there is more of a chance that the world in general will know about those European and the few American artists and not my local artists.
In soccer/football, the five big leagues mostly take president, in cricket its heavily centralised in Asia, Australia, England, and South Africa.
Television, cinema, and cartoons are probably the most Americanised categories; however, doesn’t that reflect how our world is? We can’t deny that television isn’t heavily westernised. People are more likely to recognise a Hollywood film than they are to recognise a Romanian film for example.

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