Arabic language support in playroom

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31. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I can only use Google Translate for a French barrier perpus, other than that I am perfectly fine and sufficient with my 2 languages. Arabic and English. I can work with those while translating, and may use French for a communication requirement. But if the texts are written in French (which we need to translate) I may tell one of my teammate who speaks French to translate it into Arabic, and I will do the correction. If it is in English then it is easier.

32. qais.Alrefai,

If the translation is available from English to Arabic
I can do it myself
I also have experience with game options and know every option and the equivalent in Arabic
I also have friends who can correct translation and Arabic texts
If the translation is from French, the person you asked for help will communicate with you, ready to talk to Skype or by any other means. He is also capable of translating. We have to come out with an Arabic translation that does not contain errors and enjoy the Arabs using this wonderful games room.

33. MesterPerfect,

Hi Aminiel
Now complete all parties we can translate from English to Arabic or French to Arabic and the two people who will translate able to communicate among themselves to set all things they will join other people who are able to help not only decreases your consent and communicate with them to coordinate and start to add Arabic language

34. The-warlord,

Yup there are people who speak both Arabic and French. At least I know a guy who works as a translator, French is his second language which he speaks fluent. I think he's for this task.

35. the-thief,

what if the person you're mentioning has a full-time job and doesn't have the time to do the translation? :)

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36. MesterPerfect,

So far everything is wonderful,mr Aminiel, give us your opinion and your consent to enter work would be something so beautiful all prepared and ready to start.



How do you know me ?
and how do you know what I know and what I don't know?
you said that person is my friend.
sorry But I don't know you.

38. Nikola,

This topic became way too spammy, we get that all of you want arabic server but it's not constructive just writing random stuff using google translate.

39. The-warlord,

Agree with Necola. In addition, not to underestimate anybody's skills, but it seems that everyone here is wanting to translate, though not all have the same skills. In the end this might turn into a mess, so this task should be handled by the right people.

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40. Nikola,

Indeed that's what i wanted to say without offending anyone basically.

41. qais.Alrefai,

I agree with you Muhammad and Nikola,
But anyone who translates, who is supposed to offer translation to experts in both languages, translator and translator
I continued with Mr. Riyad before I posted the discussion here, but he was busy and did not respond to my messages
About me, I do not want to translate and send them a translation, I wanted to be reviewed by more than one person

42. MesterPerfect,

Hi guys, my translation will not be used any programs or Web sites that translate will have sufficient experience in translation and translation will drop by leragau Arabic language specialists and form words and logical sense and method type to be translated just any random topic will be


hello again
the Arabic language is very easy and simple to understand
the translation from Arabic into other languages is not very accurate I'm with you, but from other languages into Arabic is more accurate and more clearly.
There are a lot of Arabs who are fluent in English and French and they can translate the room quite easily
so why all this fear and all that complicated.
It's easy and doesn't need all that hard.
Greetings to all
I hope to see soon the Arabic version of the magnificent play room.

44. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I know you Baaziz Nacer, but for privacy issues I am not telling, but I have you on Skype so I will pass you a message.
I tried to explain you that issue guys, but I thought I would be offending someone. Translation is a responsibility after all and Google is not the source to professionalism. Especially when you are trying to make a big task that has to be understood by the majority of Arabic speakers. I am ready for it as soon as I get a complete team so as not to put a doubt in discontinuation for Aminiel and the staff. I am not trying to brag of how much can I speak English, or how fluent or weak I do it, but all what I try to clear up is that I have the sufficient knowledge to handle the issue with my teammates and myself too. I hope Aminiel would take an attention to it once the team is complete, and may he provide us stepping informations on how to begin or continue with translation, and I hope he would not ignore my French messages which are translated in Google :D but aside from that, if he wouldn't agree I'm not going to insist even more. But it is good to offer a help to everyone who needs it than keeping what you own inside. HTH!

45. MesterPerfect,

Hello mr Cocoa-NTVG, I would like to ask do you have a team that can start translating the game and prepared

46. Sajad-Aliraqi,

At the moment I am ready, but I am not going to start until I find a perfect team that can hold the responsibility as I do.

47. MesterPerfect,

Well you are ready but do you have a team ready to do the job or not.

48. Sajad-Aliraqi,

That's what I just said, I am trying to organize a complete team that can hold the responsibility as the same as me

49. Nikola,

Hello, if it is ok for Aminiel to use google translate for French things just so we can understand the instructions and then translate playroom from English, then that would work just fine for majority. I know google translate is not perfect, but at least with translating from French to English it does a decent job, in fact i use it to read french forum for informational purposes and i can understand everything just fine.

50. hero_alex,

hello again.
can i Ask Just a simple question please؟
mr Cocoa-NTVG, Why do you complicate this ?
andwhy you Pretending your work to the world?
the Crazy-Party was an encyclopedia of games, and its translation was so huge
Only Riyad translated it.
Where is the team you were trying to prepare for?
The game takes only a few hours to be fully reloaded
We'll stay like this we seek to achieve our hopes by the effort and competition
note :
Well we our goal of all this
is to translate the play room no matter who it is do this work, the important thing is the fully work
let's as now give the Administration the right to choose who does this work.
Of course that if they wanted to translate the playroom
Good luck to all of you.

51. MesterPerfect,

That's right, mr player = game takes only minutes, said mr nacer and now have to choose the right person to start translation


I really don't understand why all this complexity.
one need to Organize a team.
other one need to use the Google Translater.
Why not be United ?
You and he and he, if you could have together isn't the best؟
You should stay away from these myths

It's time to work you should stay away from discussions.
If you used all this energy into work, the work was finished and people started to use the arabic copy from the play room
but Unfortunately You do not do anything other than challenges and words that are useless.
Greetings and I hope you calm
No Jitter, please.

53. Nikola,

Crazy party is huge, but i am quite sure playroom has much more strings. Guys, you do realise you not only have to translate games? You also translate website, game rules, forums for your language and things like that.
To be quite honest, cocoa isn't complicating anything and so far has the best English out of all you guys.


So for that I suggested union
If we all unite, it will be wonderful and easy to work
For example:
This translates, and the other corrects the errors.
Etc ...
Is not that the best thing we can do?
Greetings to all of you

55. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Just as Nikola said, I couldn't agree more.
The fact that a game called Crazy Party exist does not mean I play it perfectly, and if you think that playroom is as easy to translate as Crazy Party then I am sure you will be giving up from the first text. I am not complicating any issue, if there was a topic about translating Playroom into Africaans I would not participate, simply because I do not know the language, but I have the enough English and I am a native Arabic speaker, so what I say is what I think is the best as far as I noticed from what Aminiel has wrote in his posts. There is no complex, but it is better to find a team with me that can hold the responsibility, I can maybe take Nacer since he understands French, but not a group of thousands of Arabs wanting to translate at the same time, so it is not me who is making the race, it's you.

56. mohammedradwan9564,

ok , first i agreed with hermina, qais, ahmedbaker, naser , and all people who posted here,, but some people are saying playroom with c++ and a lot of admins came and said tronslation to arabic is impossible, i don't know if that right, but i know crazy party is bgt not c ++ so it was easy in all things, if it got tronslated i think a lot of arabs are regular connected and ready to be helpers for players, me the first one,

57. Sajad-Aliraqi,

It does not matter which programing languages Playroom uses, what matters now is getting a stable team and getting away from this conflict to give everyone the equal opportunity to understand Arabic without any limitation or hesitation.

58. Nikola,

No, all getting united is not the best thing. You don't want one person translating alone, but you don't want 20 persons translating either. Go look at and look at translators and helpers for all servers and you'll see what i'm talking about.

59. Sevrior,

Without being too Pedantic here, may I simply say that the... uh... coherency of this thread is approaching negative numbers.

Two suggestions.
Firstly, if this discussion needs to happen, perhaps it should happen in Arabic amongst those Arabic speakers who can then provide feedback to one another and develop a functional proposal. As is, trying to communicate this in what I sincerely hope is google translated messages is complicating the issue, and frankly using language to make things a lot harder for all involved.

Secondly: those that are making requests and/or demands and those that are proposing actual solutions and volonteering their time are in two different camps. The former may have provided the insentive for the latter, but that's about it. Continuing to place ultimatums, or expressing relatively uninformed views on the simplicity, or lack thereof, for this project is not helping, and I doubt very much if it is endearing you to the admin.

Long story short, this thread reads like a train wreck and it need not. Go forth and discuss your plans! Return to the forums with a coherent, well orchestrated proposal, then make it happen. Otherwise, we are just wandering in circles that all seem to end with the word greetings.

60. qais.Alrefai,

I fully agree with these suggestions
It has been created a group on Skype, and wait for those who want to debate politely and to help resolve the confusion, and the completion of the failed competition
Then we go back to the supervisors, and tell them what we have reached
Note, Mr. Nasir has finished translating the basic game files, and we are waiting for the rest of the steps in collective collaboration
We can all discuss translation, and we'll come up with a solution that benefits us all
The link to join the conversation on Skype, for those who want to join and discuss, talk only in Arabic
If the link does not work, please copy it to your browser's address bar

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