Arabic language support in playroom

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61. Muhammad_Hajjar,

I won't say that Riad Assoum is the best, and the only one who could take this task, but anyone who sees himself for that should do a serious job, without any single mistake.
Edit: Cocoa isn't the best as well. Eg if you looked at Riad, he's an official translator and has experience. I'm not underestimating anyone as I've stated, but being you speak a bit English doesn't mean you should do such a not easy task. I think if the staff want, they could contact Riad regarding that, but we don't want to push him by force to do it as he has his own life, job etc, but yeah. I think you got it. As Muhammad, I speak English but why don't I jump saying hey, let me translate the playroom. It's a translation task guys. Wish you a good luck translating the playroom into Arabic, if you found the right people. Wished that Riad could participate in this as a translation expert who studies master in it and has certificates in this major, and knows playing all playroom games though.
All the best.

Latest edition by Muhammad_Hajjar, Aug 13 2017 14:49:35

62. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I am not the best due to the fact that I am not a French speaker, not because I don't speak English and therefore all what I said is that I am not going to start any soon unless I find a stable team that can handle the responsibility as the same as me. And by that I don't always mention Riad but I do also know people who speak French and who may get involved

63. Muhammad_Hajjar,

It doesn't come to French speaking only, also good English speaking, good translation skills are required too.

Latest edition by Muhammad_Hajjar, Aug 14 2017 11:48:51


good work then
so the arabic language is required in the play room

65. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Translation skills. LOL. Well I will not get deeper into it, but I know that I would be enough to do it, and so will others, those who will translate to Serbian and so on...

66. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Yeah yeah yeah, laugh on those who offer sertificates in that major. Really, lol.

67. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I myself would not laugh at who studied and got graduated, I rather learn from them but I also can't give myself a chance to be lower than low, so I always sufficient myself with the current amount of knowledge I have and it improves over time.

68. YNWA,

You have to get together and form a team as others have suggested. You have from my understanding to just write the lines that are already written into Arabic such as when one wants too much and all that. If you copy the English one you will find many errors if you copy the French one less errors. There is a lot more work to do now as we have got more games. Remember when new games come out you have to translate those too as others did when we got Hearts for example. Remember the rules have to be translated too.

Once you have got so far you will need a couple of people to test out the games to see if you or they can find any errors before it is released properly.

I don't think Aminiel will give you the green light until you can convince him you are prepared to do the job properly. You already have access to the rules so it is possible for some of you to make a start on them.

69. Nikola,

Hello, I wouldn't agree there are many errors in English translation. They certainly exist, but i'm aware of them and wouldn't make them in my translation. Besides, they are just small spelling or grammar errors, nothing huge that will make players miss the required informations.

70. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Yup I prefer French to Arabic translation.

71. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I am still OK with English to Arabic translation. And if there is a lingual mistake in English, we can simply solve it and if Aminiel is so interested, we can notify him a list of the mistakes often find and get rid of the issue. It is not like that big issue guys, I will stop writing until I find a persisting team and we will continue for the best of giving satisfaction to all users. Greetings!

72. Cristina,

Lol guys, this is absolutely hillarious.

There are 71 messages just on a single topic, and we can easily notice from all what you have written, that almost none of you understood what Aminiel has said.

I've copied for you guys his words and here they are: "However, the biggest problem is that we would need someone who can speak french, enough to have a skype conversation. That person will then become responsible
for arabic translation, will be able to recruit other translaters who don't need to speak french, check that the team is doing well, and tell us about
tem changes so that we can update access rights accordingly.", he needs all this because, and here is his other words: "I don't know at all how right-to-left
written languages are handled and whether UTF-8 is sufficient to support them or not."

So read it careful and try to find that person who would be suitable to talk to Aminiel in french on skype and not with written words. Therefore that google translate would not be useful for a skype conversation.

Instead of wasting your energy with writing a bunch of messages on the forum and achieve nothing with them, all of you better would try to find that person, who could talk to Aminiel on the skype and explain him what he doesn't know about the arabic language and how that's written.

So, if all of you want truly to be on playroom that server in arabic language, then please work more and talk less, just in this way you can have it.

Good luck with that and hope UTF-8 will be sufficient to support the arabic language, which is written from right-to-left.

Wish you all the best!!!

73. blac_mana,

i can talk fransh good and my english is good , i can help

74. Vojvoda,

Yeah I believe. btw it's written French not Fransh.

75. Nikola,

I don't know what's someone's definition of good english, but you should check out your previous reply on the topic about audio games. It just might have some quite funny spelling errors that I never saw in my life.

76. YNWA,

There are errors with what you write too! I think people should really stick to the topic and that is finding people that will do a good job for the PR.

77. Nikola,

There certainly are, but i've never specifficly mentioned that my english is good, where as he said he is sufficient to do the job because his English is good. Anyways you're right, this topic crossed it's original purpose so let's not debate over this anymore.

78. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Replying more for a small correction:
A language like Arabic can not always contain a spelling issue as long as the pronunciation and grammar are different. I believe it is the same with other languages, but making a spelling error is just a coincidence in Arabic because we don't only write as we pronounce. So it is the negative of English, I mean it is the different style, in English it is possible to make spelling errors because the language doesn't have a fixed system. Well, to be clear, it relies on its own system and thus humans hhave to use all their power to pronounce something come true.

79. Nikola,

It appears that even though Aminiel is warning all translators to be professional and serious, the administration team of the playroom currently doesn't take translations neither seriously nor proffessionally. After all the writing on forums by Aminiel how we should find someone who speaks French, I did so and wrote on the contact page. The reply i've got is basically that they currently have no plans to launch any new translation. The reply was not by Aminiel, so that shows that the team is currently not organised at all if one man tells you that yes you can do it, and someone tells you no we can't do that at the moment. I'm giving up on the entire translation thing until I hear that things have changed. Out of all the programs i've translated, it consisted of contacting the developer, getting the files and sending them back, or in case of web interfaces getting an invitation to the translation system they use. I am quite disappointed with the way translations are currently handled.
I understand Aminiel's lack of time for playroom, but why saying all these nice things on the forum and then just get directed to someone who will tell you the real truth?

80. Vojvoda,

This is too unprofessional you took my 10 points, goodbye.

81. fire-starter,

hmm. what does the last message mean?

82. Aminiel,


I admit that new translations isn't on the top priority.
Already now, the big thing I wanted to do for the 7th anniversary will not be ready on time.

I also admit that our organization is perhaps not optimum. It's not easy, with the agendas of the ones and the others.

I understand your disapointment, but don't give up; I hope that at some point it will be the right time.

Remember that everybody is doing voluntire work and is trying to do his best... nobody is professional here anyway. Serious we still hope, but professional no; unless we start charging a few dollars a month.

83. Nikola,

Sure thing, it's free and I understand you that after all we can't expect something like support from you 24/7 and that isn't my problem. What I however can't understand is why you simply didn't say all that as soon as this topic was started? Noone would even write anything and noone would be disappointed. I am not completely giving up, just until i hear from someone that translations definitely can be done.
In any case, thanks for your response and hoping that one day the translations can start again. PS: Curious about the 7th anniversary thing.

84. Aminiel,

Another reason why you got this kind of answer is this: we get translation requests rather often, and most of the time the person who write to us didn't read this topic and doesn't know what a translation really involves.

If the message looks like Google translate, we definitely don't have the right person to make translations, and quickly reject.

Perhaps I should be less afraid and talk directly in English to people who want to make translations. I don't know if it would be a good thing, since my English is not very good, and you would make a translation from my bad English (a translation of a translation); it can probably only be worse, couldnt?

If you think my English is not so bad, after all, why not try to work directly with me in English. Perhaps I'm just stupid, too afraid.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Aug 28 2017 00:11:48

85. Nikola,

Hi Aminiel, quite honestly, you have no reason to be afraid of that. If your english was so bad, English wouldn't be the most popular playroom server. It does have some errors, but it's mostly a few minor spelling errors which can't be translated to another language. As soon as you fixed the only in my opinion important errors in backgammon and belote where it did make players miss information, english playroom in my opinion is free of errors, at least of that kind which you're afraid of, the ones that will make players miss informations if translated directly from English. I hope at the end you will decide to allow translations from english, which would make this much easier.

Latest edition by Nikola, Aug 28 2017 01:12:40

86. Ferrumite,

I can understand English playroom, there are some errors, but come on, people aren't so stupid so to coppy errors are they? as of google translate, it may help if you fix the errors it made, maybe it's a worser job then translating on your own but I will leave guise to think about it. Kind Regards

87. Nikola,

It's not that people are stupid, rather that they don't know. I'll give an example here of what Aminiel was thinking about: In belote, it used to say at the beginning of the round press space to take or space to pass. In French it correctly said press space to take or p to pass. So, if someone was to translate from English, they would simply translate it as press space to take or space to pass. There was a similar case in backgammon, but I think people get the point. At least for now, i'm not aware of any such errors so it should be possible to launch a new translation from English. We'll just wait for Aminiel and see.

88. YNWA,

It can be done from English although if you have a person that does speak French from your team then it will make your translation stronger. I know There will be enough for say for a arabic and Turkish Pr but not sure how many would be in say a Serbian Pr say 10:00 in the morning. Perhaps you have done your research already and have an idea on numbers. If you look at the German PR you get one or 2 if you are lucky. How many Serbian players would like to play in a Serbian PR if there are only 10 or less on that server when their friends are in the English PR. Only having numbers will help the Serbian section grow. I think the same could have been for the German part of the Pr.

If you count all the games and rules there would be more than 200 errors or inconsistencies and yes of course they can be put right as you say. My one concern is translating games you are not that familiar with such as french Tarat.

89. Nikola,

Yes, French tarot is the only game I personally don't play, but i am familiar with the concept and it's just that I personally don't find it so interesting. Even if I didn't know the game at all, i wouldn't be the only person translating. About players, we do have a lot of them who don't speak English and would certainly find having their own server great.
Edit: I've tryed contacting you through the contact page as I think it's better to continue this discussion over there, but it seems the English one is quite broken. I don't get the email like on the French one for the ticket link, instead I just get an empty email. I don't know if you even got my message.

Latest edition by Nikola, Aug 29 2017 14:55:23

90. vlajna95,

I'm sure many of the players from Serbia and countries with similar languages would be very happy to have the server in a language they can understand. There already are many potential players for that server, and there'll come even more players...

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