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1. Qais,

hello, I hope we get the possibility to know the last connection time of players. In regards to privacy, I suggest that if only friends can know the last connection time of each other, it should be good. thanks.

Latest edition by Qais, Sep 21 2019 18:15:10

2. soundarya,

seems interesting.
Probably it would be nice if also a player could choose not to show his last connection time as it happens in whatsapp etc.

3. Riad,

Totally agree there @Qais. For instance, you may choose if you want to show your last connection to everyone, your friends or no one. Hope this gets implemented.

4. YNWA,

If you have a choice then good idea.

5. Qais,

Yes, it would be great

6. The-Chaos,

yeah, neat idea. also an option to show for how long were they active would be good too, with necessary privacy option that is. hope it doesn't require a major restructuring of the base protocol though :D

7. Vojvoda ,

Someone wanting to spy :D

8. soundarya,

But seriously, it would be cool if its implemented.

9. YNWA,

I know of People who have used it for that purpose before so not as much as a joke as you think. Even a person looked at my statistics so they could put up that info up on the forum how many times i had posted, but they did not include my dalglish7 posts, lol.

10. soundarya,

For that spesific reason I suggested that one should get an option which lets him/her decide if he/she wants to make his/her last seen visible.

11. helleon,

Yeah, I'm for implimenting this, but like Ynwa I'm pro-choice

12. libia-anjela ,

it's a very good idea

13. StormProductions,

I totally agree on that!

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