Why there is a friend before the status msg in the friend list?

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1. Fawaz,

After today's update, everyone noticed that there is the word friend in front of each status message in the friend list.
Why that for? I've tried getting blocked and removed and restarted the client, at first I thought the friend word might disappear or something if i'm not in the other person's friend list, but it is still there.
so any use case this might be helpful?

2. The-Queen,

Yes, I have noticed it as well. I thought that someone's status simply contains the word, but then I saw it everywhere.

3. Ferrumite,

I think it means that the person is your friend, which is kinda pointless in the friends list.

4. Koo_Loo_Cheh,

I believe that's weired to hear friend after anyone's name. You can menshen when someone we have them on our friends list have removed us from their list only, not for all of list, of course when you have someone on your list they are your friends unless they remove you which you can understand. If they enter or exit the playroom you won't be notified or their status is not visible when you see the list by pressing ctrl+w.

5. Nikola,

I have asked yesterday about this on f4 and received a reply that it is a new feature still in development, and we should wait to see soon why it's useful.

6. undertaker,

personally i believe it's unecessary, but i love the 3 seconds time limit on uno, thanks

7. helleon,

Maybe its purpose is that when you come to someone's name in one of the lists of online players, you're told that they're also in you friend's list? I don't know

8. soundarya,

Everyone has done a pretty funny thing.
everyone, available, friend: friend: friend: friend: friend: friend: friend:, Main room

9. YNWA,

What about foe next to people you block!

10. Koo_Loo_Cheh,

aarraazz, blocked, friend: lololol

11. Ferrumite,

In the honor of this massive change, everybody gets to learn to say "friend" in a couple of different languages. Friend, Freund, Ami, Amigo, Пријатељ, Amico, друг, Amicus, Φίλος.

12. Vojvoda ,

As nikola said just be patient and wait to see why this is useful and what will change. By the way, you can now play citadels with two characters

13. omidsalehi,

So far, so bad!

14. tiny,

come on. nothing useful can add for this future this is totally useless. wondering where times and efforts are being taken.. when you press ctrl f you know what you see is just your friends, don't you? maybe there we can imagine just one useful thing for this if they add. and that is, if someone removes you but you don't, it shows that your not friend anymore, but it doesn't worth we get this annoying friend friend friend in frunt of people in our list which we already know we are friends. lol

15. Fawaz,

I wonder how you knew that @tiny

16. Nikola,

I wonder why you continue using the platform if you clearly hate everything that's being done? It is clear this is not useful in any way at present, but we can be a little patient and see what will happen. Almost everything on here was developed with community opinions in mind, so if this turns out to be useless, we can voice our concerns when the time comes and I'm sure the developer will take that input.

17. tiny,

well nikola. stop talking nonsense. there were many changes which i supported but don't expect me to accept this one which almost everyone hates. and, how do i know. yeah that's a good question. the answer is, just wait and see, we will have a rollback one day.

18. Lemonade,

No one expects you to like it. However, there's a difference between not liking it and going on the warpath because you think people aren't spending their time in a way that you want.

19. tiny,

the way that nikola talks suggests that he really wants me to not complain about this, and just like this option. and, that's ok so they can spend another time to roll this back.

20. Lemonade,

I'm sure most people would find random chunks of wood, screws and glue useless as well. But put it all together with some skill, and you could have yourself a table, a chair, or a variety of different objects that aren't so useless after all.

21. tiny,

this can't apply to the option which we have here. so i don't accept this analogy

22. Lemonade,

By all means continue to not accept analogies without giving any reason why, I'm sure it will make your case a lot more ironclad.

Unless, of course, you already know what this feature is going to be a part of, and you're leaving the rest of us in the dark. Very unlikely though.

23. tiny,

i admit if sometimes i can't talk and give you enough reasons it's because of my language. english is my third language. but no need to more talk, let's say or let's bet, and see finally they will make a chair or table out of this option as you say, or that we will have a roll back as i say. ok?

24. wolfi,

I just love how he keeps mispelling nikola's name lmao

25. Cristina,

I started to like this new feature and find it useful just because when undertaker is coming online, he is greeting me saying "Hello friend!". Lmaooooo!

26. godfather,

nice one

27. YNWA,

I would guess the "friends" will be a new feature in version 3 of the PR released in some time during "the roaring twenties" as it was called 100 years ago.

28. The-Queen,

Actually, I kinda got around it and I think it's kinda funny. Plus, who knows what's in store exactly for that word to be put there? Ther's a reason for eh, well, let's say everything. So, whoever doesn't like it, knows where the door is and can go out if they so wish to.
Happy new year folks.

29. tiny,

if you're not convenient with this playroom or the changes, then go out. something like dictators would say. well done for whoever with these cool ideas.

30. YNWA,

The queen does have a point with the moaning Mini's and whining whinny's in the PR so bow down to royalty, lol. Just enjoy the PR for what it is, as not enough people appreciate all the hard work being done behind the scenes to make the PR better and more interesting.

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