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31. sukil,

That is the name of a card, it's misspelled

32. Dayan,

Doesn't matter the phrase. They meant it should be repairing not repearing, the word. There's the typo. And you indeed should play more, just for the fun of the game :D

33. YNWA,

I don't understand what it means so I think a translation error somewhere. Perhaps recuperating may help. Ducks recuperating , meaning they may have been injured/tired and need a rest.

34. Dayan,

If I translate from the Spanish translation it says restful rest lol. So don't think it fits. Perhaps what you proppose is also right, but maybe you'd need to play the game to understand and ensure if it's so... As a non native speaker I can't say much.

35. sukil,

It's a card which gives you some feathers when you use it. It forces you to skip several turns, that's why it's named that way. My point was not (and still is not) that the name was incorrect, rather that it's "repairing" instead of "repearing", as it appears right now. I have no idea about the correctness of the translated name.

36. Dayan,

Small and not so important typo. When writing a status message you get this: Type in your new status message (max. 90 characters) :
I think there should be no spaces between the right parenthesis and the colon.

37. Robertt,

how about this? IN Rummy and Dominos, you can now see howw many cards your opponents have by pressing E. many people see it but not paying attention I guess.

38. slann-tonic,

A big translation error i've been noticing is that when you send a friend request, the confirmation message sais: the demand has been sent to x, where x is the name of the user you sent the request to. it should say that the request has been sent, because what you are sending is a friend request. a request is something that you ask politely. doing this is not a demand, because a demand is something that you ask with arrogance or as the word says, in a demanding tone, as if the other person had the obligation to accept you or something. when you demand something, it means that the other person has to do what you want. for example, the law demands that every teenager presents themselves to the army before graduating.

39. sukil,

Likely a false friend from French, where demander is to ask or request

40. YNWA,

yes request is better than demand but i think this point has been made before.

41. slann-tonic,

yeah, @sukil it is a false friend.

42. glifosato,

yes, what @cristina says is true. in duck racing the word earth is wrong, because earth reffers to the planet, and not to the place where we put our feet.
what we walk on is the ground, so ground would be the correct word in this sense.

43. YNWA,

Earth is known as soil and it says it is a little sticky meaning it is wet, we call that muddy hence staying it is sticky. You can say the ground is muddy.

44. Nikola,

In duck racing, earth was already changed to ground a few updates ago. As for request and demand, this is correct. Demand should be replaced by request in all cases.

45. Aminiel,

I have replaced all occurrences of demand by request as suggested. Demanddd is indeed a false friend in french.

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