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Tournament in the 99 - Results

Basti 0 Basti,

Belote tournament

Cristina 5 Cristina,

Congratulations to the winner team of the spades tournament!

Cristina 7 LetsRoll,

Girls-boys uno tournament

Badgirl 107 MagicalKrrish,

Tarot tournament

Sevrior 13 cherry-blossom,

a link

superman84 0 superman84,



The groups for the spades tournament

Cristina 0 Cristina,



Playroom group on whatsapp-sign in

Badgirl 18 Carinchen,

2017 spades tournament

Cristina 23 Cristina,

Hi from America!Hi!

GracefulSwan 30 Oana-tN,

The 2017 scientific war tournament

The-Architect 36 Cristina,

Hi there

Carinchen 1 soundarya,

My blog needs your help

Carinchen 0 Carinchen,

Playing on the WebClient Using Braille NoteTakers

Maldalain 2 Maldalain,

commands of the playroom

morgan 20 Pavkov,

my skype chat audiogames

andkuk 2 martsales,

New campaign for the new sound libráry of NS studios

unknown_brain 5 morgan ,

If twitter and skype and mobile numbers and user names, why not street addresses

keyWasFull 25 Pavkov,


Slavista 5 Slavista,


YNWA 6 Pavkov,

Hapy new year!

canada 6 sound2,

Happy Christmas!

earthquake 30 YNWA,

New server in TeamTalk 5

RadioPierpaolo 4 RadioPierpaolo,

Uno Christmas special tournament's result.

MagicalKrrish 3 policeman1,

for crazy party players

Pavkov 15 grobar ,

Match's of Christmas special Uno tournament of day 2. (Final 16)

MagicalKrrish 7 MagicalKrrish,

Group Draws for the Uno Cristmas Special.

MagicalKrrish 17 MagicalKrrish,

If twitter and skype and mobile numbers, why not playroom user names?

The-warlord 14 Oana-tN,

Problem with DMPA

Giovani 0 Giovani,

If Twitter and Skype, why not mobile numbers?

Pavkov 8 helleon,

If twitter, why not skype :D

Shewolf 9 soundarya,

Uno Christmas Special.

MagicalKrrish 29 Saniel_Morse,

A bit of music

Pavkov 9 Saniel_Morse,

For asian languages speaking people (Solved)

Saniel_Morse 8 Lumina,

Hi I'm Pierpaolo Tieri from Italy

RadioPierpaolo 2 RadioPierpaolo,

Lifeline Games.

Erron_BlackUlisesMonge 7 Erron_BlackUlisesMonge ,

Looking for developers to test a new audiogame framework

Aminiel 1 yusuke-urameshi,

Another radio recorder and listen program also Tapin radio

Giovani 8 basket,

Hi I'm Pierpaolo Tieri from Italy. I would like to do a question about Serbian language.

RadioPierpaolo 3 luis20,

Helping a friend to study in Brazil

Saniel_Morse 0 Saniel_Morse,

Final words of the cribbage tournament 2016.

MagicalKrrish 2 Angelina-princess,

Registration for the 2016 cribbage tournament.

Angelina-princess 38 player01,

Groups of the Cribbage Tournament.

MagicalKrrish 2 MagicalKrrish,

Playroom Podcast on CoolBlindTech

BhavyaShah 1 sound2,

I would like to respond to a comment that I saw in the forum...

RedHawk 13 grobar ,

french Showdown needs your support

Anneau-de-Saturne 14 YNWA,

blindfold games

helleon 25 TheBlindProdegy,

unoplayer question

musiclover 1 The-warlord,

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