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1. george,

Hello everyone!
This topic has posted at tearoom, but i told, i that i will post here.
This topik is with sugestions with new games, or new update at current games. Here please write sugestions of new games

2. alexandra,

There is a game called Conquiztador, which is actually not accessible to us, but the idea is fascinating: it's a general knowledge game, with questions like in Quiz Party, but at the begining you need to choose a place that you want to conquer (there is a map, but the country names could be written too us in plain text.

3. Slavista,

Ya and you are taking a map then right? I know this game, it is something similar like Czech dobyvatel... :)

4. YNWA,

My brother had this game years ago and it was very good but unfortunately I couldn't really play it. With a bit of help and guess work I could kind of play it but only a couple of times. He would sort out the most important pieces and I had to hide them somewhere. I would move my piece and when I took his I found out if it was good enough or not. From memory a 9 took a 8, 7, 6, and so on. If it hit a bomb it would be the end of the bomb and my piece. The object of the game would be to take the flag before your opponent does. It is a strategy game like Chess and Draughts but easier to learn than Chess.

I am not sure if aminiel could create this game or not, only Aminiel will know that of course but it is worth putting it up here anyway. I think the problem is that you would have to place where you wanted everything to go at the start. We do that with Battleships but that is only a few pieces. This would be 40 and it could take some setting up. I saw on the same website there is a sighted version so I would be interested to see how they get around that problem.

Stratego is a game in which you need to capture the flag of your opponent while defending your own flag. To capture the flag you use your army of 40 pieces. Pieces have a rank and represent individual officers and soldiers in an army. In addition to those ranked pieces you can use bombs to protect your flag.

Pieces move 1 square per turn, horizontally or vertically. Only the scout can move over multiple empty squares per turn. Pieces cannot jump over another piece.

If a piece is moved onto a square occupied by an opposing piece, their identities are revealed. The weaker piece is removed from the board, and the stronger piece is moved into the place formerly occupied by the weaker piece. If the engaging pieces are of equal rank, they are both removed. Pieces may not move onto a square already occupied by another piece without attacking. Exception to the rule of the higher rank winning is the spy. When the spy attacks the marshal, the spy defeats the higher ranked marshal. However, when the marshal attacks the spy, the spy loses. Bombs lose when they are defused by a miner.

The bombs and the flag cannot be moved. A bomb defeats every piece that tries to attack it, except the miner. The flag loses from every other piece. When you capture the flag of your opponent you win the game.

The Stratego board consists of 10 x 10 squares. Within the board there are two obstacles of 2 x 2 squares each. Pieces are not allowed to move there.

Ranks of Stratego pieces

The following pieces are used in Stratego (ranked from low to high):

•Flag (1x)
•Bomb (6x)
•Spy (1x)
•Scout (8x)
•Miner (5x)
•Sergeant (4x)
•Lieutenant (4x)
•Captain (4x)
•Major (3x)
•Colonel (2x)
•General (1x)
•Marshall (1x)

In addition to the Stratego version played with 40 pieces there are also a 20-piece version and a 10-piece version. In these versions the usual Stratego board of 10 x 10 squares is used with fewer pieces. The traditional Stratego rules also apply here.

Latest edition by YNWA, Apr 21 2017 00:27:29

5. george,

But there are many new games at. hat can be added at playroom. Who have suugestions?

6. Nikola-Jovic ,

Oh this game sounds really fun, would be cool to see what Aminiel thinks

7. george,

First, i propose: bingo, dreidel, tossup, zombi dice, trees, 1 4 24, cards against humannity, apples to apples.
Who come with sugestions?

8. Carinchen,

I know a game that i like, but i don't know the english name, the german is mensch ärgere dich nicht

9. Nikola-Jovic ,

Never zombie dice, it's way too similar to farkle and was already proposed. What's the fun in dreidel? Keep pressing enter forever? 1 4 24 i guess could work, but we don't need to copy RS if RS copies us :) and besides dice games here are much more involved than stop when you feel like it. The only thing i guess could work is Bingo, but i believe Aminiel is against games where only pure luck is involved and nothing else.

10. Aminiel,


Stop systematically proposing the games found on RSGames. The goal of the playroom isn't to copy other people's games without thinking whether it would be really worth it.

Remaining are:

I have already explained my point of view about solo and pure luck games.

Now, as a secondary goal, I would like to propose as much as possible the widest variety of games. Different mechanics, different rules, for different styles of play and different tastes. It would certainly be sad if out of 30 games, 15 were almost similar and only slightly differ in their rules.
That's why I'm against zombie dice, toss up, pig and skunk. Their rules are different, but their general mechanic is always like farkle: you throw dice, decide if you want to bank or continue and which dice to throw again.
That's also why I'm not convainced about the game of life: it seems that it is quite similar to monopoly.

Ideally, I would like to have something original: not a game with similar mechanics and rules that are too common and/or already represented on the playroom.
Of course, it's hard to find something that is original, practically doable, and not too complicated, all at once.

Unfortunately, apples to apples and its 18+ variant seem to be quite difficult to translate to other languages and adapt to non-english culturs. It would for sure be an excellent candidate otherwise.

The strategos game proposed above seem to be quite interesting. However, I may be wrong, but given the general interests of connect4, chess and reversi, I'm afraid that very few players will play it. Same for checkers.
Tell me the opposite, but most people seem to prefer less brain-intensive games.

Ärger dich nicht is known as Ludo in english. It ahs been proposed multiple times and isn't a too bad candidate. At some point I hardly started to make it but abandoned for a reason I no longer remember really.

I wonder if I shouldn't make a post-it list of already proposed and refused new games with their reasons.

11. YNWA,

I agree that if new games are to be added do need to be different to what we have as it will enhance what the Playroom has to offer at present. I do like Ludo but Backgammon is an upgrade on Ludo so is much better. We have already had the debate on complex games and as you say if you create something that is challenging then people have problems learning the game. Backgammon works very well here and to me that would be an upgrade on Stratego. I think people can play the game but the issue as I see is people setting their own pieces when starting the game. Perhaps we could start off with a smaller number and see how that goes because 20 pieces would be easier even if the board is a bit smaller.

I think Apples to Apples can be done but I would have to simplify the cards so more languages can play it but that will be for another day to suggest some.

Inventing a game would be interesting but that will take some thinking. I can't think of anything else now that is not different to what we have.

12. george,

But, aminiel, you cant make apples to apples only for english platform?

13. YNWA,

It would not be fair to make it only available for just one language!

14. opusti_se ,

We could have a game only in the english part, as they had quiz in other languages for more than 2 years :)

15. helleon,

That is a fair point: Quiz was available for years in just 2 languages, or is it an unspoken rule that games have to be available in french before even considering any other language? That is just what it looks like.

16. balasana ,

I don't mind luck games with friends but strategic games are always more fun. Hearts has been a great addition to PR. Thanks for making it available for us.
I think there is another factor. Games like chess, connect 4 and reversi can only be played by two. And chess in particular can be quite time consuming. Uno, Yactzee, 99 etc can be played by a crazy noisy gang... Parties are always more popular than head scraching in solitude lol.
I understand some games are harder to code than others, and it does make sense to consider the popularity or language issue before spending time on making a new game.
The game I have wanted to play the most badly was candy crush. Might be impossible to set it up here. It has faded in the mainstream anyway.
There is always bridge. I don't know a totally accessible online bridge game anywhere.

17. Aminiel,

A variant of Candy crush would probably be doable, but it's a game you only play alone.
Sighted people will tell you, that's a good game when you have 5 minutes to kill, and it's not too complex (at least at the beginning).
But you are alone.
I also find 2048 quite cool, but again that's a solo game.

About bridge, I, have myself a problem with it. I tried to read the rules a few times, but ahven't yet sufficiently understood in order to program it at least more or less correctly.
That's by far the hardest card game ever. Probably at some point I will manage to do it though.

Finally, perhaps scrabble isn't a so bad candidate, if I find a way to handle dictionaries and languages differences...

Invent a game ? in fact I have already invented two: scientific war and eternal second. Given their success, my own ideas don't seem to be very good.

18. Cristina,

I would like to have on playroom a cards game, called Cross, which is very popular in Hungary and Transilvania, where I live, but I do not know if you would agree to have more cards games here. If yes, I could write the rules of it, but just after when I would recieve a positive answer.
I could say now, just this, Cross can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players, and the rules are a little bit different for each possibility.
We organize Cross tournaments among the visually impaired people, who are members of the asociation of blind people in Romania.
There are three stages: the district, the region then the national, who wins the stage of his/her district, goes to the next stage, where the first three players, who win, go to the national stage.
It is interesting and we use to have a lot of fun.

19. Nikola-Jovic ,

Aminiel, actually your invented games aren't bad at all, in fact i like scientific war a lot and we even had a tournament in that game. Now the eternal second is completely different, for at least 2 reasons: There are no rules, so it's not easy to check which cards give how many points easyly. And the second one is that it's not completely translated, meaning the help for it isn't. Helleon, not an official rule that games need to be in French first, but consider a few points before posting something like that: Aminiel's native language is French, and undoudetly if I ever develop a game it would be much easier to do it in my language, and it can be translated as necessary, and in fact playroom was launched in french at first. Also, reason for quiz being in French is quite obvious, we did not even have helpers back then if you forgot.

20. george,

But, Aminiel, the eternal second is not original, is a copy of bouilla baise, that thing means that you can add tossup, zomby dice, etc as gender of farkle

21. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hm, how does ethernal second exactly copy bouilabaisse? I fail to see the similarities

22. balasana ,

Aminiel, I completely agree that bridge is tough to code. Apart from the rules, you would have to program decent enough bots because finding 4 human players at the same time on this small platform could be more than daunting. It all depends on what makes you personally happier, making a very popular game, or seeing a super complex and challenging niche game come alive. I do know the game, but am quite rusty now. Happy to beta test should you ever decide to do it.
As for Candy Crush, if you only offer a few levels, players would get bored and abandon the game quickly after reaching the highest level. So it might not really be worthwhile. You are right it is a solo game.
Yeah, Scrabble is a great game. Can you possibly attach a pre-made Scrabble dictionary to it? Just not sure how popular it will be on PR given the mix of native languages here.
Agree with Nikola scientific war is a good game indeed. Please keep inventing more like it!

23. Adventure-Time,

Fully agreed with Nikola'S post about both games, and I would like once again to express my frank appreciation for inventing the rules of scientific war. It's arguably my top favourite card game I've played to date, and for a long time I couldn't get why such an excellent and challenging type of card war game isn't mentioned anywhere else, untill I figured it to be your original creation. Eternal second definitely needs rules and probably something else, but it's already very promising, even if I still kinda loved the previous idea of a completely crazy April fool based game. :D I'm looking forward to find bridge in the list of games in the future, though I totally understand the rules aren't simple. And to add one more idea for a game since there's never enough of those :), I would really like to see here a trick-taking game for two people called piquet. It's of French origin and it's believed to have a similar role and popularity like cribbage in England. I'm confident there are French rules for the game but my French isn't good enough to read through them and see whether they're clear and understandable, so here goes the English rules at least. Do you think the game would be difficult to code?

Latest edition by Adventure-Time, Apr 23 2017 17:13:47

24. Cristina,

I am surprised that you, guys, did not play before scientific war, we have that game in Romania and it is called simply, war. I've played often when I was child.

25. Oana-tN,

Yeah. scientific war is a very nice game. I don't know anything about the eternal second, because i did not understood it. And, also, i would like to answer to george's last post, where he said that the eternal second is similar to bowilabaise. No, no. If the eternal second, realy is, (and i don't know), but if it realy is similar to bowilabaise, why should we add another thousands of games similar to farcle? We have shut the boxes which is similar to farcle, but one, after me, is enough. why should we add another three games, to sup, dreidel, and idk what, if they are similar with the same game (farcle). and why should we copy rs games. I mean, you said all the games available on the rs games, more exactly, add the games which are in rs and are not here. but why?

26. Adventure-Time,

There'S a ton of card war games of course. I used to play one of many versions with my brother years back. Scientific war is based on the same idea but brings it up a level by giving specific functions to certain cards, thus making them special, and giving each player the same hand, making the forces perfectly equal. There's no other similar war game as far as I'm concerned.

27. Badgirl,

I wish we had here the game named Thousand, which is a nice card game to my mind.

28. sam69,

hear is a game that would be cool how about the game skipo

29. Sevrior,

Personally, I find that we already have a predominance of trick taking card games and the so-called "fun" games, as opposed to strategy games. There are a wide variety of strategy games that would lend themselves well to multiple player demographics. I have expressed my opinion on this before, though it has been several years.
Of note would be games such as risk, pandemic, hero of ages and other war simulations. Then there are rpg simulation board games such as Dungeon Run, which a good thousand or more variants. There are pattern recognition games, chess-like tactical games like Go, Animal Chess and Stratego, even strategy card games such as Wizard's War.
Suggestions here tend to follow a pretty precise formula, which is that people complain of a lack of variety, followed by attempting to remedy this with suggestions that are specifically unoriginal and/or derivative of existing games. If you want to branch out and provide a larger subset of games, then you need to break from the tradition of trick taking card games and simplified strategy games.

30. george,

This is a platform of gaming, of dice, cards, etc, but no pong, and strategy

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