Arabic language support in playroom

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1. Qais,

We are a group of blind Arabs
We want to translate the games room into Arabic
We knew that you were objecting to Arabic letters written from right to left
Many of the famous games for the blind have been translated into Arabic as Crazy-Party and others

We are sorry that the play room has not been translated into Arabic yet

You can work to solve the problem, and we are ready to translate
We are waiting for the next version supporting the Arabic language
Otherwise many Arab players will leave the room and go to games that support Arabic

2. Vojvoda ,

Goodbye to those who will leave, have fun on other platforms.

3. Qais,

Is this a rejection of the request

4. Sajad-Aliraqi,

First this is not a very big effort you try to make, I myself am a native Arabic speaker and my English is undoubtedly enough to translate the content into Arabic, as well as all the services that are related to playroom. But I have not yet collaborated, nor put a hand in doing it, due to the fact that the playroom's programing syntax couldn't support Unicode system because of some limitations. Taking into count that Aminiel is actually not an Arabic speaker so he can resolve it, and Google translate would not do a good help.
So this is the reason why the playroom is not in Arabic, not even in Persian or other languages that are Unicode signed. It is not a rejection but it is a reason, and Aminiel has never, and will not, by any way, and the admins or/operators, ever force anyone to play - so those who want to go play something else that is Arabic, let them go ahead so.

5. Aminiel,

Playroom now supports UTF-8. If this is sufficient, technically we can go ahead. Arabic people have to confirm this. I don't know at all how right-to-left written languages are handled and whether UTF-8 is sufficient to support them or not.

However, the biggest problem is that we would need someone who can speak french, enough to have a skype conversation. That person will then become responsible for arabic translation, will be able to recruit other translaters who don't need to speak french, check that the team is doing well, and tell us about tem changes so that we can update access rights accordingly.

I'm not sure enough to make this fully in english. Other admins aren't at good at English than me and that's the main reason why we do this in that way. We do this because we don't want anymore translations that are quickly outdated, stay incomplete for a long time because they are no longer regularely followed, or become totally abandonned like turkish, albanian, or like portuguese or german in the past.

Beside the technical question of right-to-left written languages that is really special, the requirements are the same for any other translation, including those that have been already requested several times: serbian, polish, turkish and slovak among others, if I remember correctly.

Specificly for arabic, I have other questions and reflections.

IN the french playroom, there are quite a lot of people coming from North Africa. Many of them speak both french and arabic, and write arabic using latin letters. I may be wrong, but an arabic translation can probably only be interesting if it's the true arabic language, and not something like phonetically written arabic using latin letters, what looks to me like a kind of SMS language that would be unappropriate and perhaps even a kind of insult against the people who really speak and write arabic. Bonus question: only blind people do something like this ?

A question of curiosity now, is there dialects in arabic language ? CAn arabs from different countries understand eachother comfortably most of the time and that's just a question of minor accents and ideomatic expressions, or is it a real pain ?

6. Nikola,

Hello Aminiel, thanks for the reply about translations as i am myself interested in creating one. The only problem is the part with speaking French. I understand that your admins don't speak English, but yours is quite good. Is the system that complicated so that people need to have a long conversation in order to understand it?
I guess not and iff the sintax is any similar to translating the windows client's lng files then there's really no problem, nor any problem with things like entering chat commands and stuff like that.
As for incomplete translations, those don't happen cause someone doesn't speak French or something like that. I am currently translating NVDA so know very well that translations need to regularly be updated and that playroom is a big project, so that wouldn't be a problem for me. Even in NVDA, there certainly are incomplete translations. That's just left to be blamed on people's responsibilities in translation management. So i'd love it if you would decide that people can translate from English, if not for any other reason, just because while there certainly will be people speaking French and Arabic, it will be really hard to find someone speaking French and turkish, French and Serbian or things like that. French as a language isn't so common here, and if you still insist on speaking French you can send instructions to me and i'll be able to find people who would translate messages, I just wouldn't be able to have skype calls.

7. Fawaz,

Hey Aminiel
UTF-8 supports Arabic as far as I know.
there are indeed lots of Arabs who speak both languages fluently.
these are writing Arabic in Latin characters, not only blinds, mostly teens started with these communication-chatting apps to fit with their dialects, and only in certain countries, here in gulf we almost don't use at all.
We do have lots of dialects but the language everyone does understand so isn't a problem, because these dialects used only in daily communications within the country.
when talking, indeed some accents will be really hard to understand mostly those countries who are so far but still can depend on the common tongue.
best regards.

8. MesterPerfect,

Yes, Aminiel, no matter how different dialects and pronunciation of any country, everyone is able to understand the basic Arabic language


All Arabs, despite the multitude of dialects, agree on a key tone
I am an Arab. I can translate everything in minutes and if you want I can start from now
I just want your approval

10. Qais,

Thanks for the interaction
I have agreed with someone who is familiar with programming and can speak Arabic and French
He said the game's support for UFT-8 encoding was enough to translate the game into Arabic
Is the author of the previous reply
His account on skype
We have the Arabic language that can be understood by all Arab countries

11. Aminiel,

Please, perhaps contact use using the contact page if you can speak french enough to have a basic conversation on skype, rather than here, mixed up with other messages. Same for arabic or any other language.

Translation doesn't consist of simple text files, we have made a specific web interface to enter them more easily. You must be used to the web with your screen reader, but not necessarily very good at computers more than understanding that things like %1 are replaced by something else in the sentences.

12. Nikola,

Hi Aminiel, sounds good to me and i have no problem translating things like that. So if I understood you correctly, in order to launch a new translation, we should send a message to you on contact page in French? The only reason i'm asking this is because at one point you said that you currently have no time to launch a new translation. Has that changed?

13. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Hello Aminiel:
We obviously use classical Arabic which is understood by all Arabic speakers from around the world, but myself I am not a French speaker, but I may use Google translate to understand you in French. I am good in English enough to understand and write, so we don't need a translater for that, that's why I say if we discuss it in English on Skype we will both get along just fine.
Advise me and inform you what to do and I will be there to help. Thank you for your response!

14. YNWA,

What Aminiel wants is someone to get a team together as I did with the quiz. Have a meating say at a free table/Skype and slect a spokesperson. Aminiel wants someone who speaks enough French to communicate with himself or one of his admins.
You need to find people who have the time and commitment for the long-term and not just people who say yes I definitly will do this or that and change their tune later on. I wish you the best of luck.

15. Nikola,

Not everything needs to be compared with quiz party. Not only that you need to translate playroom, there are even more things than just the translation. Of course the team which will be working on it needs to be committed to it and not stop after some time, that's how any translation works. I've translated multiple programs in the past including crazy party and NVDA as i've mentioned so if nothing else that's enough of a proof that i am not someone who would abandon the translation.

16. Qais,

We are a blind group working on editing open programs, some of us are making some tools, and we are translating as much as possible from the programs
So we will keep following the translation permanently, and only what we lack is the actual translation method, we sent a message to the game team, and waiting

Latest edition by Qais, Aug 11 2017 22:11:30

17. YNWA,

The point is people need to organise a team that can and will work together hence!


Sure there are a lot of people who want to translate the game room to Arabic
We will be available for work if you missed somebody there are 1000 other person

19. abdallahhayder,

Hello, Yes we need Arabic language in the play room and because there are some people who don't know English language

20. laila.ali,

it good idea but the more good that you translate explain of role of game and how play game to arabic please ..i mean explain to us in arabic how play games .and i want ask if there are way to add translater to playroom ..i mean if we chat in english and we not understand english word ,then we select it then press translate from some tool in playroom that possible to add this tool to playroom ? i do not mean translater for english to arabic only i mean another language also it will make us easily understand each other here


it's a very good idea MS so they can link google translator with the play room that's quite

22. MesterPerfect,

Very beautiful as google translate can be linked to the playroom, it became easier from the beginning.

23. hero_alex,

welcome. Dear developers of that famous room that has been aligned to the millions and millions of blind people, Arabs and non-Arabs. It is true in my name and in the name of Egypt and the neighboring Arab countries. We ask you, as well as nothing, to respond to our request to Arabize that room. Really, the killing of our free time may be in that room. Fine. We want you to localize so that we can enjoy its beautiful features Thank you for your serious cooperation in this matter. Greetings your brother Hermina.

24. Nikola,

See, the message abowe mine shows why google translate wont be integrated.

25. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I can organize an Arabic team myself and prepare myself to Aminiel. Promising that I'll not, by anyway, discontinue or vanish from the translation. From what I have seen so far all those Arabs who just wrote used GoogleTranslalte,, but that's not what we need for a big project that should be at least flawless of lingual mistakes.
Though that's just my opinion, but it goes this way.

26. Qais,

 , I'm already using Google Translate
I am trying to correct the text
The person who will translate the game is familiar with English, Arabic and French
He has designed several programs that support the three languages ​​he has translated
We will help him and if someone stops working, there are many others
We also agreed with someone who has experience in Arabic, so that he checks the Arabic text and corrects it, everything is ready, just wait for the answer of the game team

Latest edition by Qais, Aug 12 2017 07:47:00

27. Sajad-Aliraqi,

That person is my friend, he is learning English but it is not what we talk about. He speaks French because of his country but the fact is the Algerian Arabic translation would be messy. As long as Aminiel allows, I will be up with some translaters who speak French Arabic, English Arabic and I am one of them English Arabic too.
Once I get the team organized, I will be sending another email to Aminiel hoping for an acceptance.
Take care of yourselves everybody and have a safe night. Remember that it is not necessary what team it will be as long as the point reaches all of us as Arabic speakers, when we get to talk about understanding. It is not like a team race or who is the best, it is a responsibility.

28. Qais,

Yes really
We are our one goal
Only we want translation to be done and Arabic speakers should benefit from it
Without interest in the name of the translated person and his team
In any case, Mr. Nasser has finished translating the game file, waiting for the developer's response
Good luck

29. MesterPerfect,

Very nice so close that we have a game room with Arabic language, as we have said in the past however different ways to talk to all the Arabs unable to understand basic Arabic language

30. Aminiel,

Google translate may help from time to time, but doesn't do a wonderful job for a full translation.
And anyway it's not free, so you would have to pay for using it.

ABout the time to create new translations, the answer is yes and no. I have a lot of other things to do for development, and so most often the main responsible in this area is Anneau-De-Saturne.
IN think that now we have found a form of organization that can work: this system of unique referer who creates an independent team; whether it is for a new translation, the quiz, or helpers and forum.

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