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1. gandalf22,

i wood like to seesom rullplaygames, blackjack slots pinball pool sports games souch az baceball football golf and ice hockey

2. kristijan,

Hi. The playroom is not intended for rpg, sport, and action games. Server must be very strong to support these kind of games.

3. pierpaolotieri,

Hi everyone, I would like to play tennis in this server because I love tennis. Please can you add the game tennis?

4. ryan97,

were you not paying attention? he said the playroom isn't built to handle that kind of game

5. bleeblat ,

I'd be a big fan of euchre, bridge and cribbage and hearts. You already have most of the code in place for these types of games so it shouldn't be that much to add.

6. Aminiel,

Do you have links ? I know hearts but not the three others.

7. staindaddict,

Cribbage would be awesome!!!!
Here's rules/instructions for Cribbage:

Please make this game! lol

Latest edition by staindaddict, Oct 30 2012 11:55:56

8. marcin,

hello! also in the playroom contains these games: blackjack, euhre, spades, or roulette.

9. zseli,

Hi. What is uhar< Thanks.

10. carrarmato,

I believe and hope in a pacific world, and I think also the this can begin from the games.
Why I'm saying this?
Because games as Poker texas, 1000 miles and others, if these are played always,, generate the believes that modify the human achievements...
Maybe, to think some ideas about new games to propose, what you say reading the New Human Revolution and other written texts by Daisaku Ikeda?

11. Maja,

Could you add hangngman game?

12. t_rex1515,

Hello, I'd like to see the following:

Trouble (like monopoly)


13. Aminiel,

Hello tRex,

14. jage,

I do have a free English dictionary/word list if you wanted it. Still, there's probably better games to work on. Euchre is cool but a very regional game in the Midwest United States so probably not a lot of interest. Spades and Hearts are on Blind Adrenaline which is a pay site but they are out there. Cribbage isn't anywhere for a multiplayer game and would be a really cool addition. The hardest part to program there would be the counting at the end. You wouldn't want it to be automatic.

15. Aminiel,

You wouldn't want it to be automatic.

Ah, why not automatic ?

For info, cribbage is 3rd on my list of possibly interesting games to add.

Latest edition by Aminiel, May 7 2013 10:53:52

16. jage,

Part of cribbage is that you need to count your points at the end, and if you miss something, the other person can call out the points you missed. Not sure how other online versions handle this or if it's automatic.

17. Aminiel,

Part of cribbage is that you need to count your points at the end, and if you miss something, the other person can call out the points you missed. Not sure how other online versions handle this or if it's automatic.

I think they simply do it automatically without asking any other question. Doing it manually would be a little strange.... how would you do it in fact ?

18. agasoft,

I tried to contact you via twitter and via contact form a few times, but no results.
I wisl to see our, Serbian or Yugoslav game Tablic.
Its card game, similar to scopa.
You have similar code and I think that it will be no problem to implement.
The rools are here:

On server, you have at least 15 20 Serbian players.
If something not clear, you can contact me private.

19. Giovani,

Hi! I have another game idea. What would You like to say about Slotmachine in our Gameroom?

This is a very great idea by me. But, what do You think?


20. Aminiel,

For slot machines, you can stop all discussions here. That's no way; for at least three reasons :

For the two first points, the playroom require you to be online; it's just a non-sens to put something to stay alone on the internet, when you could have the same thing offline.

Some people asked for various solitaires. I reject them all with the same argument.

For the last point, sorry, but for me, you can influence on the outcome of a game by making decisions. Of course there is more or less chance involved as well, depending on the game, but concerning slot machines you just don't have any choice: press enter, look, and close your mouth.

Same argument goes for loto, roulette, but also for things like snakes and ladders, goose game, etc.

21. Giovani,

Also, Mensch ärgere dich nicht is very good game and can be played with players and also with boots.

Here is the link to this game information and rules:

22. damyn,

ok amanell but just an idea could you add black jack where one could be the dellere and one could be the player

Latest edition by damyn, Jun 14 2013 16:30:59

23. Giovani,

What is Dellere?

24. Sevrior,

Out of curiosity, I would like to know Aminiel's perspective on adding strategy based board games to the playroom? Specifically, board games that are otherwise not produced in an accessible format.

I would be refering to games that may include Dungeon Run, Warlocks and so on. I would also categorize Risk here.
Roughly speaking, the difference in these games to something like Monopoly is the nature of play. That is, one advances along the board with dice, however, individual squares may have affects upon the player's character, and the character may be able to take certain actions, like casting spells upon other players, affecting the board, and so on, by drawing cards, making particular dice rolls or other game mechanics. Think of the board games as role-playing games, only placed upon a board for format purposes. I don't imagine it would too difficult to implement, as it would largely function off of preexisting archetypes, such as the squares from monopoly, the attacks from 1000 miles, and the deck manipulation from Rummy.

I can't help but feel it would add a completely different genre of game to the playroom. So, I would like to know Aminiel's stance on this type of game.

25. Aminiel,

Hello Sevrior,

For RPGs, wargames and such, it is probably doable as long as the board consists of a 2D grid. For more complex layout than 2D grids, I have no good solution at the moment. The problem is representing adequately the board while keeping reasonnably simple and efficient to navigate in.

The layout of the world map in risk goes infortunately in this category of complex layouts. So unless I or someone else come on with a good answer to the question, it isn't doable short or medium term.

I know some games where the board is splitted into hexagonal tiles. Abalone is a famous example of 1vs1 strategy game, comparable to chess. But how to make it representable ? That's a vaste open question... and the later is just an hexagonal tiled board, while the world map of risk is still a level up in representation complexity.

Currently, I tend to avoid adding new grid-based games in the playroom. In fact, it raises another unsolved problem I would like also to solve before digging in that direction: it's the only type of games which sighted people can't play. It is so because navigation ahs been cheated in the listbox to look like a grid, but it visually still remain a listbox where items are still arranged row by row in a single column on screen.

However, more generally, I should admit that I'm quite ignorant about those numerous sophisticated board games that looks like RPG, adventure or wargames. I already played traditional RPG (using dice), but never the others.

I also ahve the impression that it isn't the most demanded type of game anyway. Looking at the statistics, it seems quite clear that the majority prefer simple games requiring only a very little or no strategy at all (compare how often people play uno, 1000 miles or scopa versus connect 4, reversi and chess)

Perhaps the compromise of all that would be a combat card game like magic or yugio ? at least there is no complex layout to care about.

26. Sevrior,

Hm, fair enough.

For a grid that is visually representable, have you considered stealing the html table tag? I.E, where <td> or <tr> exists, you can control the width and height of the table and the items placed in each tile. Then, the arrow keys could function similar to how they do now: up/down move vertically, left/right replace tab to move horizontally. Visually, this will still be a table, but it will represent a specific graphical grid. In addition, you could adjust the parameters of the borders to shape the table to your needs, E.G, hexagonal, pentagonal, etc, and even fill in information into the borders with an inserted jscript. Of course, assuming the playroom is constructed in c++, you'll have to adapt the idea across languages, but it wouldn't seem too difficult I think. An encompassing array to represent table tiles, etc etc.
There's also the thought that you could use the new OCR built into JAWS. I am lead to understand most of the other screen readers are similarly equipped. With that, you could scan a graphical representation of a grid or board that you wish sighted players to view, and optimize it sufficiently to allow for OCR to recognize and interact with it. Unfortunately, I don't know much about OCR, not being a JAWS user myself.

Finally: I think a card strategy game would be excellent. I don't know what Yugio is, but Magic at least is enjoyable by quite a lot of people, and I imagine would be at least nominally popular on the playroom. What are the chances of an rpg card game being added then? I seem to remember there being a difficulty with you not having access to scanned materials. WOuld this still be the case? I could, I think, put some effort into helping with that.

27. Aminiel,

I'm quite against colspan/rowspan, and it usually make tables hard to navigate when cells are partially overlapping each other in all directions; and you can't build any arrangement you want, especially not hexagones and such. At most you can represent a pyramid, but not much more. Really, it's a complex and unanswered question you will never find a good solution in 5 minutes.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Jun 22 2013 21:31:07

28. whozitken,

Hi list love the playroom has anyone ever suggested the classic board games trouble and headacke. trouble if you forgot is where you must move all four of your men around the board safely but if you run into one of your opponents men you go back. headache was similar accept I think you had to capture all of them. Also a blind friend of mine and I were talking about maybe scrabble or the TV game show lingo. scrabble would have to be based on the TV version which was the crossword variation.

29. Aminiel,

Scrabble has already been proposed many times. In fact the main problem regarding scrabble is the dictionnary

Trouble ? is the game also known as ärgert dich nicht, ludo, and the like ? If yes, it has already been proposed and is already in my potential game list. If not, please give a link to its rules, it looks interesting.

30. bamagirl12,

I would like to suggest a couple of different things. A trivia game, or perhaps Phase10.

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