What's your screen reader?

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1. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Hi :)
I know that each one of these screen readers has disadvantages! What do you preferred personally? NVDA or Jaws.
Personally I'm using NVDA.
Thank you! Regards.

2. afrim,

Jaws , Jaws forever!

3. helleon,

Jaws none other

4. wolfi,

nvda let's go

5. dalimidvecimidvenedali,

Three words are enough: NVDA NVDA NVDA

6. fire-starter,

I use SuperNova and NVDA

7. wolfi,

yaaaaa we're the winners lol

8. MuhammadHajjar,

nvda, nvda, nvdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

9. afrim,

once again, Jaws, jaws forever. lol

10. Cristina.Ioana,

Jaws forever. smile

11. wolfi,

we're stil the winners though lol

12. Artemis13 ,

Jaws. :)

13. GauraSuryavanshi,

I use both, but prefer nvda because my computer becomes faster when I use it

14. wolfi,

nvda in the lead again

15. Miralina,

I have both but prefer JAWS. So I say JAWS forever. lol!

16. musiclover,

nvda rocks

17. Sajad-Aliraqi,

If Jaws was man or women believe me I'll kill him/her, not afraid. NVDA beside me and I'm beside NVDA, we're alongside. I love you NVDA. :*
Hahaha no thing to do really I want to laugh.

18. dalimidvecimidvenedali,


19. Daredevil,

I use JAWS and from the moment I used it, I've been hooked. I also used both Magic and Zoomtext but as my sight slowly went away, I just used JAWS eversince.

20. afrim,

I'll find 10 people voting for Jaws and we'll se who's the best and greatest. :d

21. Cristina.Ioana,

Yes but jaws is reading everything, what is very important for us, who are blind hahaha. Jaws forever as I stated in my first post.
Nvda is good for playing uno, cause it is fast. Aaaaand unfortunately nvda can not make me to be faster.
So, I will continue to use jaws. :D

22. dalimidvecimidvenedali,

7:6 it is really epic battle... :D

23. fani ,

both jaws and NVDA

24. wolfi,

we're stil in the lead let's go nvda users

25. ceyda ,

JAWS rocks!

Latest edition by ceyda , Dec 30 2015 15:43:29

26. wolfi,

equal now.

27. dalimidvecimidvenedali,


28. afrim,

OK, I also have to include my friend whom I told about this battle and he said: "Jaws for life!". + two of his brothers and three sisters who thumbed up when he said it, including 2 of his cousins who supported him frantically, saying, yeah! Jaws is the best!

29. YNWA,

If I say JAWS will I get a discount when I have to pay for my next SMA agreement?

30. dementress ,

Well I liked more jaws, but actually the things you can do there are limited, and in NVDA there's always a new thing, and... I don't know, I supported jaws before trying NVDA, so... Jaws users, take a look to NVDA and then you can change your opinion. NVDA forever!

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