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Name change policy

Jeff-Rutkowski 0 Jeff-Rutkowski,

Private Messaging on web client

samanthaash1993 0 samanthaash1993,

Issue with ninety-nine on the web client

LynnR 8 fleurette,

Cannot add bots or invite players when using the web client and Internet Explorer

EvenStar 0 EvenStar ,

issue with playroom on the i phone

braillekid 4 Aminiel,

Cannot select just SAPI5 in Screen Reader, in Options

sukil 1 Aminiel,

1000 miles bug posible

whozitken 0 whozitken,

playroom gives an errors

sweet_selena_2000 8 sweet_selena_2000,

Web client shows only Reconnect button - "connection failed" and no repair for that error

Velkej_tvrdej_Marvin 0 Velkej_tvrdej_Marvin,

99 bug

Captain-Marvel 1 Aminiel,

Blackjack statistics

SamuelR 2 braillekid ,

website and installation program are in french instead of english

ladylion 1 Aminiel,

Playroom keeps disconnecting and reconnecting whenever I do anything

jamese 3 Aminiel,

Terrot Freezes after a round When a Player Leaves

Ranma 0 Ranma,

can't invite a friend

whozitken 4 DistanceRunner229,

A bug on the friends list

Master-Chief 5 LaraStardust,

audio streems are not working (solved)

marina7 0 marina7,

Bug with free table and Scopa

bradley 2 bradley,

problems with listening of audio streams

sweet_selena_2000 2 sweet_selena_2000,

save and restore tables.

moshedr 5 Jeff-Rutkowski,

uno - drawing cards between rounds

ns-studios 3 ns-studios,

1000 miles and missing menu check

tyrylu 0 tyrylu,

Error while connect.

siddharta 2 Aminiel,

The players on the friend list & The table is now open for new players.

Sektor 0 Sektor ,

playroom bugs

stanimira 0 stanimira ,

Replacing a player in the playroom

Jeff-Rutkowski 0 Jeff-Rutkowski,

f7 and f8 won't work for me

coolcurt 2 coolcurt,

Domino: drawing a domino possible despite winning

Piciok 2 Aminiel,

Web Client Bugs

Jeff-Rutkowski 1 Aminiel,

Table not playing sounds when speech is muted

Jeff-Rutkowski 0 Jeff-Rutkowski,

not sure if this is a bug but thought I'd post it here

coolcurt 0 coolcurt,

Password reset doesn't work anymore

Piciok 7 el_pichon,

the Playroom is varry slow for me.

Raki 8 Fawaz,

new bug in 1000 miles game

whozitken 0 whozitken,

strange bug in client

whozitken 0 whozitken,

The users llist can not be navigated

greenstone 2 Aminiel,

Joining a table

Jeff-Rutkowski 2 SamuelR,

0 bid viewing tricks on spades not possible

SamuelR 4 Aminiel,

Spade bug on one extra 0's

Sektor 3 Sektor ,

bug on spades

SamuelR 0 SamuelR,

Reversee stats not updating.

SamuelR 0 SamuelR,

Stats problem in blackjack rankings

SamuelR 1 Aminiel,

not able to continue 1000 miles game

whozitken 0 whozitken,

is there any alternative solution for temporary?

SamuelR 2 SamuelR,

General game statistics bug

Jeff-Rutkowski 3 Aminiel,

Bug on Jass

Sektor 1 Aminiel,

1000 Miles bug

Jeff-Rutkowski 1 Aminiel,

no commands work admins not helping

whozitken 2 whozitken,

Monopoly bug

bobblehead 3 Aminiel,

Alt+Tabbing to the client

Jeff-Rutkowski 1 Aminiel,

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