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A few bugs found out

ns-studios 0 ns-studios,

Bug updating client

t_rex1515 0 t_rex1515,

problem with surver

ladybug17 2 redstar,

strange problem with the client

stefan_ilioaica 1 Aminiel,

stream line is missing

shawnmays 0 shawnmays,

MissingString Bugs

Sektor 1 Aminiel,

Bug on Bouilabaise

Sektor 1 Aminiel,

Getting stuck in Monopoly when looking at properties

csm120 1 Aminiel,

Aminiel, are you still around? Still cant connect

palas 2 el_italiano,

still not able to connect!

el_italiano 0 el_italiano,

Playroom keep freezing up

Sektor 0 Sektor ,

Last client update 2.0.4 still not working

palas 2 palas,

Wild Buzzer

jage 2 jage,

serious playroom problem

bryant 1 Aminiel,

i cannot connect with the new playroom 2

el_italiano 2 el_italiano,

cannot see certain players

georgie 0 georgie,

trading in new version of monopoly

garden-lady 2 Lenka,


shawnmays 3 shawnmays,

Bug on ScopaPlayroom V2

Sektor 2 Sektor ,

Playroom V rev 215: everyone is busy

Piciok 3 Aminiel,

Background music.

siddharta 6 bob-de-huisbaas,

dominos some players strange behavior

marcus250 1 bob-de-huisbaas,

Playroom 2: a funny bug when pressing ctrl and arrow keys

Piciok 3 Aminiel,

Playroom 2: broken feature, statistics not working and a missing string

Piciok 2 Piciok,

Farkle: bug with refreshing

Piciok 0 Piciok,

Error connecting to the server, Playroom v2 Beta 1

timtam 0 timtam,

erreure en Rami

biomasp 1 Aminiel,

bug in connect four.

moshedr 2 moshedr,

problem viewing stats

SamuelR 2 Manu,

fatal error

doobie 1 kristijan,

Uh, bug in Dominos?

staindaddict 1 Aminiel,

Playroom clyent won't work

superkrista 3 mayya,

Bugs on 1000 Miles

Tyros3 2 greenstone,

Bug in chess

mohithbp 3 Soundarya-Pradhan,

Windows error; Client not starting...

UofL4Life 11 jose-briseno ,

There are annoying player on playroom

MalikAlhazeen 5 luciy ,

A bug on uno

zseli 3 zseli,

invitations bugs! (solved) after the problem repeted!

Marina7 4 Marina7,

I am unable to log on for the past 18 hours

garden-lady 0 garden-lady,

bad links for Rami and Chess Beta game instructions

ckimnbay 1 mayya,

A bug in 1000 miles

zseli 0 zseli,

I need some help resetting an account password.

darklord 3 Aminiel,

An addition for messages of filtering them from the other clutter of activity.

SOS143 1 Aminiel,

Attack consultation mode bug in chess

outer 1 SOS143,

issues once logged in.

SOS143 0 SOS143,

I have a bug in the invitation

Marina7 0 Marina7,

oppen my account please

ediEdi 0 ediEdi,

Bug with Connect Four.

staindaddict 4 blake,

bugs in Rami

montana 4 Aminiel,

Italian translation.

siddharta 0 siddharta,

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