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Subject Author Nb. answ. Latest message

You didn't choose the right card!

Marina7 22 Muhammad_Hajjar,

why didn't i recieve anything?

rj.reza 3 Saniel_Morse,

A problem with Jass

riad 0 riad,

why am i band from playroom?

esteghlal 2 esteghlal,

French tarot's disappearance in spanish?

Saniel_Morse 3 Aminiel,

problem with sendin inbox messsajes

elitaliano 18 elitaliano,

Strange problem in uno, i couldn't stop the game!

out_and_about 0 out_and_about ,

bug in rummy

whozitken 0 whozitken,


YNWA 3 Aminiel,

Bugs in using the forum in the main client

sukil 2 Saniel_Morse,

why I can't change my nickname?

EllendeGeneres 7 garden-lady,

A problem starting the Playroom's client

Saniel_Morse 2 Saniel_Morse,

The english and spanish main rooms were back temporarily?

Saniel_Morse 3 mayya,

About the new scopa

out_and_about 0 out_and_about ,

A very strange bug

riad 1 trol ,

The little exam in the Russian server isn't working!

Mimi 1 Aminiel,

rummy issues

whozitken 4 Saniel_Morse,

A probable Uno bug

riad 2 riad,

please unban my IP

sir.yazan 6 bogdanmuresan,

what's that

wol-fy 0 wol-fy,

Alarm in playing face of cribbage

out_and_about 5 out_and_about ,

Chess Problem

Raki 8 Raki,

Yatcee bonus is not notified

out_and_about 0 out_and_about ,

A curious bug about 1000 miles

Saniel_Morse 0 Saniel_Morse,

The Propper Name for the Dealer's Extra Hand in Cribbage

Hayden 1 aravis,

Another thing about Cribbage.

staindaddict 5 staindaddict,

Another cribbage question

TALLARIN32 3 Aminiel,

Problem in timer with uno

TALLARIN32 5 sashakozlovskiy,

points not scored in cribage.

whozitken 0 whozitken,

bug in the web client when sending privat messages

bashar_alkenany 3 LynnR,

Problems while playing rummi


Reversi problem

stefan_ilioaica 1 Aminiel,

Major Cribbage Scoring Bugs

Hayden 3 Aminiel,

Small uno oversight

everyone 0 everyone,

am not green after dirty trick

whozitken 0 whozitken,

Gameroom wont work in Jaws 16

agasoft 5 Aminiel,

Pause bugs and playroom hanging

Jeff-Rutkowski 2 dalglish7 ,

Fatal Error Dialogue

Napoleon-Solo 3 afrim,

abdul rahman and him 10 accounts

EllendeGeneres 6 Aminiel,

bug in 1000 miles

EllendeGeneres 2 EllendeGeneres,

I think a person was hacked me

sweet_selena_2000 5 EllendeGeneres,

bug in status message

sashakozlovskiy 2 EllendeGeneres,

unknown issue with rummy

whozitken 0 whozitken,

Monopoly Money error

shawnmays 1 Aminiel,

bug in the web client: copy history message shortcut isn't working

bashar_alkenany 3 Aminiel,

the most recent bug in rami.

aravis 6 Aminiel,

kicked out of game

whozitken 0 whozitken,

Is there a way to disable general messages in the web client?

Piciok 1 Aminiel,

A few codes, misuse.

Fawaz 3 Fawaz,

A e-mail to reply! Somebody must reply here!

afrim 0 afrim,

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