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Updates and work in progress

Aminiel 43 Aminiel,

Monopoly bug

Pavkov 7 Nikola,

Proposal for improvement in the calculation of points in the game Citadels.

facelessghost 5 Pavkov,

I'd like to suggest a new rule for the Playroom

ckimnbay 17 Nikola,

what is your favourite game?

mhr91358 36 Areyana,

Have you heard about a Team Talk server called Angels Clan?

shodan 24 ernie19,

Uno oppses

CathyAnne 12 Pavkov,

downloading voices for n v d a for free

deathdragon 9 deathdragon,

What bot do you like from here?

play_romania1 36 deathdragon,

Spider solitaire

shewolf 1 Nikola,

Hi. What's your favorite country, language or name?

play_romania1 50 evalinde,

one offer about mexican train, fixing You have a playable domino in your hand, you aren't allowed to draw.

tiny 16 Saniel_Morse,

Questions and opinions about Citadels

Aminiel 91 everyone,

Making 1000 miles more fun

CathyAnne 8 CathyAnne,

A questions for people from India

Giovani 11 CathyAnne,

Your saved tables quota is exceeded. You must delete some of them before you can save this one.

tiny 8 CathyAnne,

Suggestion for a new game: Sixty-six

TheBlastingGD 4 TheBlastingGD,

Cricket Games

Pran 0 Pran,

Mismatch in game of Hearts.

facelessghost 5 YNWA,

A present for crazy party players

out_and_about 0 out_and_about,

great bugs on citadels

tiny 8 Aminiel,

the ability to monitor prefered games

LordLundin 4 the-supreme-AI,

Citadels, as physical game

Giovani 1 YNWA,

Bug with reversi

Ferrumite 0 Ferrumite,

scrabble suggestion

austen 6 darklord,

Two new games for a great day

Aminiel 86 Nikola,

A keystroke to move between suits in card games

darklord 5 Nikola,

five card draw poker

darklord 0 darklord,

bug when playing citadel beta and skipping someones turn

austen 0 austen,

Making a dropdown list using the HTML.

Koo-loo-cheh 17 LaraStardust,

End Support classic skype On the first of November

qais.Alrefai 14 mhr91358,

what's wrong with any audio

deathdragon 5 musiclover,

NVDA will not speak information in the Web Client

darklord 1 Nikola,

What's your favorite futboll team?

play_romania1 32 Muhammad_Hajjar,

What's youre favourite side scroler or stratagy audio game.

deathdragon 21 deathdragon,

suggestion to Play Room.

IndonesianGamer 22 deathdragon,

An available fps

george 24 deathdragon,

how to turn off windows defender on windows ten.

deathdragon 2 FloydLawton,

reading information with ctrl f1

mahdie 1 Sajad-Aliraqi,

helping me with my music

ali.altikrety 1 aryathealkanist,

Official thread for Desafio Mortal

Saniel_Morse 40 deathdragon,

last connect time

LaraStardust 34 Sajad-Aliraqi,

There seems to be a bug with 1000 miles

kumandan 7 Blindgamer28,

typos, typos, so many typos!

LaraStardust 7 deathdragon,

Accessible DJing software

helleon 24 helleon,


mhr91358 37 Nikola,

Why is there a lot of inactivity on this forum?

play_romania1 4 deathdragon,

Force junking in web client?

kumandan 5 kumandan,

edit field not working on texas holdem

pooch754 1 Aminiel,

Bug with web client on iOS

kumandan 2 Aminiel,

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