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Forum suggestion: reviewing unread posts [done]

Piciok 2 Aminiel,


spaceMonkey 1 Aminiel,

client closing after logging in

carrottop1023 2 ,

game freezing

curtt 0 curtt,

bug with the client and window-eyes

bmisch 2 bmisch,

window-eyes not working

bmisch 2 bmisch,

strange behaviour

afsmel 3 Burak,


Demetry 5 Giovani,

visible boards

DontFuckWithMeBtich 1 Aminiel,

Notify Playable Cards On Uno [standby]

ultamentkiller 1 Aminiel,

La scopa suggestion signal on the end of round [accepted]

milorad 3 Aminiel,

1000 miles suggestion: viewing cards of other players in a team [refused]

Piciok 1 Aminiel,

command for play chess

spanishwoman 5 keyWasFull,

Bots in chess [beta]

fatih 2 Burak,

La Scopa

Salem 1 Aminiel,

200-Miles Bug in Favour of Players [corrected]

SplendidFault 1 Aminiel,

Playroom and forum rules, please read before doing anything

Aminiel 3 fatih ,

our sounds are kind of subpar

keyWasFull 0 keyWasFull,

Website update and client/server version 1.5

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

New battleship game and server version 1.4.2

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

Launching the playroom in english

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,


b2017 0 ,

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