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what are all the currently implemented / commands?

darklord 2 darklord ,

Please, please, how do I turn the music down?

Loyal 3 Burak,

Suggesting an accessible Yu-Gi-Oh style game

doidus 1 stefan_ilioaica,

Problems with Monopoli, using italian language

Lucrezia 2 Lucrezia,

1000 miles problem

heftyman34 3 Aminiel,

Friends list

Burak 1 Aminiel,

sever combobox in log in

thetj 5 Aminiel,


john 1 Aminiel,

The Kicking feature

OhioStateBuckeyes 4 crazyness,

Extended table information

akilor 0 akilor,

crazy eights suggestion and a comment

HarmonicaPlayer 0 HarmonicaPlayer,

User control

Burak 0 Burak,

User Name with space character not allowing log-in.

Bupster 1 Aminiel,

connecting to the playroom

goldenboy75 2 Aminiel,

Spanish language is down

Giovani 0 Giovani,

Down time

Nessa 1 Aminiel,

Unable to log into the latest version (NA problem resolved itself)

silly_soda_mommy 0 silly_soda_mommy,

Translate to Slovak language

Giovani 3 akilor,

several suggestions for 1000 miles

candygirl 2 candygirl,

can't connect

mary24 3 moongazer ,

promotion in chess

tonguyenchau 1 Aminiel,

how to ignore an username

ns-studios 1 Aminiel,

can't connect to playroom

ari 4 Aminiel,

translation into spanish

slanovani 3 Giovani,


ns-studios 1 Burak,

no selected item

talmidim 1 tomeeah,

not screenreadable

seremina 6 seremina,

one thousand miles

jeanniem1 0 jeanniem1,

New client version 1.6.1

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

sounds not playing

mohithbp 1 Aminiel,

1000 miles: con-sens

ns-studios 1 ikramy,

playroom breaks

ns-studios 4 ns-studios,

Last version of playroom

carrarmato 10 ns-studios,

chat messages problem

ns-studios 2 ns-studios,

deleting the acount

ns-studios 3 Aminiel,

bots and play room crash

carrarmato 0 carrarmato,

chat window out!

ns-studios 2 ns-studios,

Music volume settings not being stored in the new version

Piciok 1 Aminiel,

Suggest about 1000 Miles

carrarmato 0 carrarmato,

somethings about Dominos

JCion 8 gorgojo,

crashes after new version

splyt 0 splyt,

sounds in a new version don't working

Giovani 1 Piciok,

Translating to polish

Piciok 2 Piciok,


Computer-Rob 4 Piciok,

Regarding Battleships

kool_turk 0 kool_turk,

Talking to other players

splyt 8 Aminiel,


gamemasterdude 0 gamemasterdude,

serious problem!!!

bryant 1 gamemasterdude,

Private Talk

gamemasterdude 0 gamemasterdude,

Go to the top or the bottom of the menu list

ns-studios 10 Aminiel,

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